Monday, October 26, 2009

a quiet october & photos to share

hello and happy monday!!! i've missed you!

as you may have noticed, it's been pretty quiet around here! i've been taking some off-line time... i didn't really plan it, but it just sort of happened, so i went with it. hope you understand. : )
i have been busy elsewhere, enjoying the fall, visiting some favorite friends, finishing and starting lots of new painting projects, and trying to pull our new place together (still!). can't believe how fast the leaves are changing and how fast this month has flown on by...
so, without further ado, i have piles and piles and piles of things to share with you, missing this space and looking forward to catching up!

so, while i try to organize some posts for this week, i thought i'd lead you over to THIS! i had kept it a secret, but last month, i had a very special day with the most lovely, talented and sweet new friend, thea coughlin. LOOK what she did! *blush*

see you tomorrow for lots of catching up! xoxo *s


  1. Truly lovely..words and photographs. Helps that the subject is so photogenic!

  2. Aw, Sarah - your photos simpy couldn't be more beautiful! :)

    So glad you've been having fun and excited to hear more about what all you've been up to!

  3. What wonderful photographs! Love the pop of the colors and the range of emotions. Just lovely :-)

  4. Oh, Sarah ! Those photos are amazing ! You looks so you ! Feminine and strong yet girlie and arty - just beautiful moments of you at this special time of your life. What a great gift !
    Glad to know your Fall has been quiet here but full of good stuff in Real Life. ;) Doesn't Squam feel soooo long ago ?
    Take good care !

  5. You look gorgeous in the photos. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi Sarah! LOVE the photos - you are just radiant. I especially love the one with your husband - such a lovely peak into your contentment. Beautiful!

  7. Isn't Thea amazing!?!? You look do relaxed and beautiful and so very much yourself in those photos... Gorgeous You! xo


    Look! It is really YOU!
    how cool is that!?

    sending love,

  9. A wonderful testament to Thea's talents and your loveliness! Just wonderful.

  10. Beautiful girl, you! The photos are dazzling!! What a fun day you and Thea had! I'm a bit jealous. I wish you and I were just a quick drive apart. mmmuuuuah!

  11. sarah---those photos are amazing!!!
    and they do capture your gentle spirit!
    I loved your class at Squam---hope you will be back in september!
    xo elizabeth n.
    (thursday class)


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