Wednesday, November 25, 2009


thanksgiving time
finally decorating a bit...

hello hello!

where did last week go? not sure. my apologies for not returning until today! i've been hard at work painting/creating/planning/brainstorming... i also finally have my chalkboard back, (hooray!) so it's filling up with ideas for the future~ lots plans and projects in the works. i'm also pulling together a big etsy upload AND a little giveaway... so stay tuned for that early next week.

today, i'm wrapping up some commissions and tying up some lose ends, then i can relax for the next couple of days. i'm really looking forward to a great meal tomorrow with our families. (yup, all together, my parents and my husband's family) it will also be the first thanksgiving in a very l o n g time when we won't be traveling AND since we'll all be together, we won't have to eat two thanksgiving dinners! : )

on friday we'll take the day for a few adventures to kick of the holiday season... no mall shopping, instead we'll go up into the hills for something called moonlight magic. it all takes place in a little village nearby, they light up the sidewalks and riverside with festive luminaries, while all of shops and galleries stay open late. a nice way to enter into the hectic holiday season don't you think?

it's been a foggy gray day here in new england, i stayed in and made soup for lunch and decided to take some kitchen pictures for you!

happy thanksgiving to those celebrating here in the states! i'm thankful for you, my wonderful blog readers! thanks to you and have a happy weekend!
xo *s

ps: we did see some meteors last week! we watched the night sky as we were serenaded by lots of howling coyotes! i had some pretty cold/windburned pink cheeks the next day... but it was worth it!


  1. Hi Sarah-
    So happy that you are now so close to all the family.
    Have a wonderful day, love to all.

    See you soon.

    Xoxo Liz

  2. Happy Thanksgiving sweet Sarah!

    I hope to meet up with you soon.

  3. Your house is so lovely - I love the little impromptu vignettes. x

  4. love the photos and the chalkboard is awesome! happy thanksgiving! xo

  5. Moonlight Magic sounds like the most perfect shopping environment to me. My bank account is glad I am clear across the country. ;)

  6. Love the pics of your kitchen!! Where did you get your white shelves?


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