Friday, January 29, 2010

squam 2010!!!

squam 2010

hello & happy friday!

i'm thrilled to announce that i will be back teaching at squam art workshops again this fall! i'll be in new hampshire again in september and then... drum roll please... at the new "squam by the sea" in october! to say that i'm over the moon about all of this is a big understatement!!!

september and october sure do seem like a long way off as i sit here typing to you in january's chilly temperatures, but believe it or not the registration for squam begins this monday, february 1st!

i know that some of you have been thinking about attending squam, and just have not been able to make it happen for one reason or another... but maybe this year could be your year to join in on the magic.

and that's just it, squam is pure magic... it's hard for me to find another word or words to describe it.

last fall was my first time at squam, and i certainly was nervous and worried... on my drive up to squam, all those "first day of school" jitters came up and i wondered what i was getting myself into! i really had no idea what to expect! but let me tell you, as soon as i got out of my car, i was immediately taken with the whole place, i was in love. it was an inspiring and lovely setting, a whole new amazing world was unfolding before me and i knew it was going to be a special experience. right away i met wonderful people who were completely warm, welcoming, helpful and fun... the food and the cabins were beyond my wildest expectations, i truly wanted to move right in for good. don't even get me started on my fantastic roommates!, i'm pretty sure we had the best cabin of the whole place! there's real magic there for's hiding behind every tree, under every rock and certainly flowing in onto the shores from the lake. i could go on and on...

all of this is to say, that if there is a little voice inside of you whispering about squam, listen to it and come see for yourself how magical it is... you will not be sorry.

AND! i haven't even mentioned the fabulous array of classes!!! i can't believe the offerings this time around! FIVE sessions of squam for 2010! wow! so many classes to choose from! there is absolutely something for everyone!

i'd be more than happy to talk with any of you via email about squam if you have any questions, thoughts or concerns... just say hello!

the details of my classes that i'll be teaching are here & here for the fall in nh. (i'm especially excited for my new sketchbook explorations class!) and here for squam by the sea in nc.

for some visuals~

a really beautiful video from last fall is here by heather k, one of my amazing students that i was lucky to have in class last septmeber

more squam posts here & here

lisa's pictures (she was my super amazing roomie)

stephanie's pictures (one of my wonderful students)

and more here!

happy weekend to you~
xo *s


  1. Oh I would love to do this more than anything I can think of right now. I'm having an argument with myself about whether it's totally ridiculous to go all the way to the States from the UK just to do this class that I would so so love to do! Sigh.

  2. You have a fabulous space here!

  3. just mailed my registration off this morning friend! can't wait for october and if I could swing september, you better believe I'd be there too. it was amazing, wasn't it?

    tara: do it, it's so worth it.

  4. Keep on posting such articles. I like to read blogs like this. By the way add some pics :)

  5. Sara--I'm looking forward to seeing you again this fall!

  6. Hi Sarah!

    I am a lurker ... am so excited to say I'm going to Squam in September and am in your Friday and Saturday classes. Just thrilled! I have no idea how I will actually get up there (I live in the Midwest) but decided way back I had to make this happen. So step by step, it will fall into place.

    Looking forward to steeping in your inspiring work and words.



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