Friday, April 9, 2010

well look who's here!

{on the table} april 9

yes! i'm back!

first my apologies... i never intended to be gone for so long from this space! (proof is the fact that the last post said "see you next week"!) i hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive me... i won't let it happen again! i've missed you!

i had to step away for a little while in the midst of other bits of my life taking over these past few weeks ... all good things, just LOTS of those things going on... march certainly was challenging trying to keep up.

anyway, it's always been my goal to be true and real in this space, so when i realized i had to take a little break from being online to focus on other parts of life, well, i just had to allow myself to take that little break. sorry not to pop in, but i promise that the sporadic posts will now come to an end and i'll be here much more regularly! i'm even going to start up my {8 things} and some other fun regular posts to set more of a routine.... in addition, i have BIG news coming that i think will finally be fun to share with you...

but, before that, i'm going to attempt to catch you up on my whereabouts these past few weeks... i've been busy offline and here's a little taste of one of the highlights!

we were off in nyc where i~
met up with a special friend
made a new friend
spent a lovely day up on the roof

more to share next week to catch you up! as for now, we're rushing off to ithaca for the weekend... a quick trip to visit with friends who we really miss!

happy weekend to you and i'll see you here on monday. for real.
xoxo *s

ps: this is my {on the table for today} it is friday after all!


  1. Welcome back, Sarah ! It will be fun to catch up. Enjoy your Ithaca weekend.

  2. I've missed you dear Sarah and so happy that you are back. :)

  3. before I read the caption on the tortoise photo, I thought it was in the hall of your hotel. and I thought, "this weird magical thing would only happen to sarah!"

  4. Hi Sarah,

    I discovered you (and your work) recently and have a question about a piece that I would like to purchase (through the link provided). I tried to email you directly but I don't have Mail set up on my computer and I'm a total Luddite so, I'll just ask it here: When you say a piece is on "board," do you mean canvas board or wood/particle board? How thick is it (I assume not thick like a gallery canvas)? Are your pieces intended to be framed or just displayed as is? Sorry to clog up your comment section with my queries! Suzy P.S. my email is b r i d g e t _ r o y l e @ y a h o o . c o m (without the spaces, obviously--trying to deter the spambots)

  5. Welcome back...I'm a newbie -love your work! It's good to get away & regroup now & then.

  6. Missed you. Been wondering where you were. :-) I'm on vacation next week. I'll be away the second half of the week, but could we do breakfast Monday or Tues??
    Love, Jess

  7. P.S. Taking a break is good! :) You deserve it.


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