Tuesday, April 28, 2009

{8 things}

spur of the moment idea.  last minute business cards for twist fair.
above: it's the tip of the day. see * below.  

today is tuesday.
this is my second installment of {8 things}.

screen door open. rose breasted grosbeaks at the feeder. raspberry lemonade spritzer.
i am packing up prints & other fun goodies in preparation for this weekend's twist fair. it may sound weird, but i really like thinking of my artwork as "product" because i just love packaging it up and figuring out ways to display it all.  as i'm working, i'm planning my table design in my head and can't wait to share it with you.  i really felt nervous last year, as i had never done a tabletop show before, but since then, i have 3 tabletop shows under my belt so i feel more relaxed and have a better idea about how i want it all to look.  you can see previous displays here.  i promise to share photos from my TWIST experience here next week. 

i'm thrilled with my last minute business card idea.  it's easy & cheap and it saves me from feeling like i need to pay for fast shipping from here.  i realized that people can see my work in front of them at the show, so they don't necessarily need it on the little card.  also, i go through at least 100+ at shows, so this is a money saving alternative.  moo cards are about .25 cents each and these are about 8 cents.  (+ my time, but it's super fast to stamp 'em out)
so there you have my 1st art fair/economic slump tip of the day!  : ) 

keeping my fingers crossed that i won't have to have knee surgery quite yet.  i finally saw my knee doctor last week and got a cortisone shot.  it did the trick.  i only wish that i didn't have to wait over a month to get in to see him!  it's been a rough little patch here, but i am finally feeling better.  my diagnose was officially arthritis, due to my kneecaps being out of alignment for years, which is a wee bit depressing because i am only 31.  c'est la vie, i'm just happy to be (kinda) walking again!   

listening to all of holly's podcasts back to back to back as i sit and work.  she, along with my wonderful fellow classmates, are really inspiring me to improve this blog.  i'm feeling more and more comfortable here lately.  lots of ideas percolating for the future. 

feeling lucky for all of you out there reading and commenting.  really, thanks so much.  please keep it up.  

i wanted to answer the question about what kinda of sketchbook i use- it's called PRO ART and it's super cheap and simple.  i think i got this last one at AC MOORE.  for some reason, this is the one that i've stayed with after trying so many other more expensive types such as moleskin. i like the hard cover, the spiral bound edge and the feel of the paper.  use whatever you feel particularly drawn to would be my "expert"advise.  : )  (oh, and no pun intended, ha!)  

realizing that this list of {8 things} is not at all the one that i wrote out in my sketchbook last night as i was brainstorming possibilities.  funny how that happens. 

what is today like for you? 
xo, *s 


  1. I love your business cards - how are you stamping them ? Look really cool and unusual - good luck with your art fair!!

  2. Good luck this weekend, I did let my mom know : )
    Your business cards look great, fun picture and fun post. Glad you're feeling better!

  3. hey hey: thanks for the info on the sketchbook, lovely things really are born out of ordinary places!

    i give a solid "here, here" to your blogging growth, and the confidence you're building. it is so delightful to share this space with you. i was tapping my tuesday fingers all day waiting for your {8 things}. you are certainly blossoming.

    you will rock the show this weekend. have fun! steph

  4. great business card idea - :)

  5. Hi Sarah,
    This a shoutout from a classmate from Holly's. Really cool business card idea!

    About the knee, that is a huge bummer. I got told something similar about my knee alignment at 29. I don't know if it helps but I was recommended some physical therapy and it helped. I also got told not to wear heeled shoes, which I never used to but now that it is off limits, I am tempted.

  6. i'm excited to see your displays

    displays are one of the most inspiring things to me
    & your work is always so beautiful :)

  7. Hi, Sara! Liz here from Pinch. We are looking forward to Twist this weekend. You'll see Jena tonight and me tomorrow morning (and Joyce will be there all weekend selling her work too). Good luck with everything. I love the cards you gave Pinch, I took one home to frame it :) We only have one left! Hopefully that's a good sign of things to come at Twist this weekend!

  8. I just read your interviuew at 'artists who blog'. I was very inspired by it. Your work is great, but i knew that already ;)

  9. Hi Sarah - I love your business cards too; clever thing. Did you just order a standard stamp from an office store?

  10. Hi!
    I just love your blog...just added it to my list of favorites from Holly's class!

  11. I have been away in the UK so it was good fun to catch up with all your latest posts.

    love the business cards too... simple and clever.

    enjoyed the pics of your displays, I love that kind of thing too...

    today is chilly, winter is not far away. I am catching up with stuff from when I was away (nearly finished)


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