Thursday, April 14, 2011

the panic sets in...

alright, it’s been a while.

i'm going to catch you up on things AND, wait for it, announce the giveaway winners! but, you have to listen to me ramble on first...

time to get back to regularly scheduled programming here on le blog.

truth be told, I’ve actually started this blog post about 11 17 different times, and all those drafts are currently just taking up space in my blogger account. i thought it was high time to follow through, fingers crossed i finish before someone wakes up from her nap. (side note: that it did not happen, this is seriously attempt #17.)

recently I was talking about my new “schedule” and feeling as if everything was finally getting easier. by everything, I mean my balancing act of new mamahood and the workathomeparttimeasacreativeartist/businesswoman thing. oh, yeah, that thing. but then, i was knocked right off of my tight rope when the tooth fairy, monster came to visit us. this, of course, meant that he kicked the sweet little sleep fairy out of our house, which is too bad because she was such a welcome addition to our nutty little household. she was the reason things seemed to be running somewhat smoothly for a while. and by smoothly i mean the laundry was getting done, i was even able to get into the studio and finally finish it... it's been way too long in a state of recently rearranged disarray. that nice fairy was also to thank for my new found clear mind and lack of less noticeable dark circles under my eyes. (another side note: by clear mind, i just mean a less foggy, certainly not as sharp as it used to be, mind)

don't get me wrong, it's not that things aren't good, in the big scheme of things all is well and i have absolutely nothing that i can really complain about at all. but, on this, probably the 37th day not sleeping through the night, things can start to get fuzzy and negative in my tired mama mind.

on a more positive note, silly excuses and complaining aside, spring is finally showing itself around here in new england. finally! the singing birds, yellow daffodils and warm sunlight on our (much less bundled up) walks are brightening our days lately. what a difference!

and yet, there's more goodness. and i've been totally holding out on you...

drumroll please...

i am holding my book in my hands. yes, the real live book. it feels so good! i absolutely love everything about it. really, truly do. i'm still pinching myself! you can get a peek inside over here. but here's the thing -

i go back and forth between feeling so incredibly thrilled that i pick up ada and we swing around the house doing happy dances, which, of course, she loves. it's been like this for the past couple of weeks. (yes, i know! it's true, i've had a copy that long! see, totally holding out on you!) but then, things shift, like yesterday when i unexpectedly had a few emails from people telling me that they, too, had my book in their hands. a cold sweat came over me and i felt like i was going to throw up! what's wrong with me!? i wrote a book for other people to read, now they are reading it, and better yet telling me nice things about it... how do i respond? i panic!? goodness. something is seriously wrong with me.

just this morning, as i was telling thea about my panic/craziness and i exclaimed -

but, this means people are going to know all about our "secret project! "

she, of course, thought that was completely hilarious and encouraged me to chillax and *know* that it is all going to be okay. (just for the record she didn't use the word "chillax", but that is my assignment for myself)

i think it's just the whole "giving birth" to the book thing, it's been such a long process, one in which i put in so much time, energy and love into those words and pages... i just hope it is going to be received with open arms, that it will inspire its readers and be loved right back. here's hoping...

time to set it free, right?

i have no choice! it is on the way...

amazon order

* * *

ok, back to business.

the giveaway! thanks so much to all of you who participated and told me about your favorite meals! it was such fun to read all of your comments... such delicious ideas!

without further ado, the randomly selected winners are~

the winner of mb's book is: dawn wilson! yay! mb will be sending you the book!

the winner of my print is: sylvia! congrats to you sylvia! i am SO going to try your avocado/garlic spread this summer... yum! :)

*dawn and sylvia- please be in touch with me via email and send you addresses!

now, if you didn't win, don't dismay, just stay tuned as there will be another upcoming giveaway or two here soon!

* * *

see you tomorrow for some friday fun.

xo *s

ps: i'm going to go chillax now... ;) thanks for listening!


  1. And I am sitting here, jumping every time I hear a truck rumble down my street because my copy is on its way! And you had better have a slew of pretty colored sharpies on hand for signing books when I see you at Squam this fall :)

    Oh, tooth monsters ... so sorry! It does seem like the wee ones come specially wired to thwart any and all routines. My girl was/is such a good sleeper EXCEPT those mornings when she needs to get up. yeah right, silly mommy to expect her to wake up for school. And the mornings she - read: we - can sleep in? Oh yeah, crack of dawn with buckets of energy.

    Don't worry ... this too shall pass ... and the laundry will always be there and besides, you are being "green" by not washing stuff so much ...

    seriously, now we know why Men have to create superheroes while we moms LIVE that reality every day. Um, your cape is on inside out and there is some kind of stain on the hem?

    So proud of you Ada's mom! Way to rock it! If you ask her, she will tell you she knew your book would be fabulous. We all knew :) So chillax and enjoy.

    xo Lis

  2. I am so excited! I just ordered your book and I can't wait to dig into it!!

  3. My copy came today and I LOVE it!! Every page is just beautiful, so full of your (and Thea's) sweet spirit. I'm already halfway through the first pass and I know (KNOW) this is just the first of many passes.

    Well done, sweet Sarah, well done!!


  4. Very exciting Sarah! My book is on its way and I truly can't wait- I know it is going to be wonderful! Wishing you and sweet baby the best the the tooth challenges. Diane

  5. YAY! YAY! YAY! So excited and so happy for you!! Can't wait to have my copy. xoxo

  6. What a wonderful thing to see your book in print. Whoo Hoo! Congratulations!

  7. I love this post: for it's real-ness, for it's joy and terror, for your voice sailing through it all, and for your willingness to BE seen, and then be struck by the fact that you are being seen... And I can't wait to get your book!!! xo

  8. me?! :) oh! so happy!!! thank you so much Sarah :* lucky me!

    on sleepless nights: i hear you. i am sleep deprived for the last (almost) seven years... and somehow i am still alive (although, barely ha, ha)

    on your book: which hopefully arrives tomorrow :) you know... sometimes i panic after posting on my blog, so i think "posting" a book must really intensify the feeling ;) but you know that it will go away - just breathe...
    and trust - we will love your book :)

  9. my copy came earlier in the week (here in Canada)I LOVE it! Great work!!! (when is the next one coming out? :)

  10. Just wanted to offer some words of encouragement - our daughter didn't sleep more than 3 hours in a row until she was fifteen months old. We lived through it but I'm not sure how! The worst was people who would say "oh when she gains more weight she'll sleep" or "when she eats solid food" or any number of other bits of seemingly useless advice. So I'll just say hang in there and be as kind to yourself as possible! Let everything go that you can and realize that this won't last forever and you will eventually be able to get back to a much more normal version of your life. It might not happen instantly but it will happen - promise!

    And I LOVE your book! I bought your "Ordinary Beauty" for my daughter's nursery from the Nahcotta show and it still makes me so happy every time I look at it :-)

  11. I LOVE the book!! It arrived today and I'm thrilled with all the yummy pictures and interesting, cool things to try. :) Thanks so much! --Laura

  12. Did not pre- order the book-but have asked for it as a birthday present! (come on June!) I am so excited for you - what an amazing adventure and accomplishment. I pop in here and am always so inspired-am eager to have that inspiration in a hard bound copy! Thank you so much and Congratulations!!

  13. I am in awe of you all the time. You are part of a group of trailblazing women I really admire, making art and cuteness happen together. Love you!


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