Friday, June 3, 2011

happy friday!

* * *
my favorite quote.
i made this for the book & i just love it.
a simple message, important to remember.
* * *

happy friday to you... xo, *s


  1. happy, happy friday to you!! love the reminder + quote!!

    hugs and smiles~ jill

  2. Sarah, I just received your book in the mail. I buy a lot of craft books, and this is one of the best I have seen. Your art is beautiful and your book is very inspiring. Thanks so much,

  3. Sarah-
    I have am an avid follower of your blog. You and your work are such inspiration! Just wanted to say that I just received your book for my birthday ( have been very excited and patient!) AND MAN!!! is it awesome! Oh my goodness! I am so excited to delve in! I love your approach and you have given me some ideas/inspiration for my students who are new to artist materials and getting that first idea/mark down. Please know that it now holds a special place in my studio and I can't wait to share it with other friends and artists here in Austin!!

    much thanks!
    sara lee

  4. Sarah, I have been a lurker around your blog for quite some time but I never comment...never seems like I have any wise or witty things to say...but I had to comment today. I was in Barnes & Noble last night and picked up a copy of your book. I have to tell you, I am loving it! It is evident that you poured your heart & soul into it and I am enjoying it so very much. Thank you. All of your hard work is appreciated by so many of us.
    Peace & Love,

  5. What an inspiring quote!

    I once read about an artist who described her work as being as much a part of her as her children were, for her paintings were "conceived," "born," and "raised" by her, as they passed through the stages of creating. This quote reminds me of her story.

  6. I just bought your book and plan to put it into play this week. Thanks for such great inspiration!

  7. thank you all SO much for popping in here to say such sweet things about my book! and yes barb, i did indeed pour much heart and soul into it!

    - judy- your words made my day! i truly appreciate it! i wonder if you'd be willing to make a quick review on amazon with the same sentiment? it's something that i am learning to ask for help with and those (sometimes pesky!) amazon review certainly are important for the marketing of the book! thanks so much! xoxo *s

  8. sara lee-

    wow! a million thanks for your kind words! SO happy to hear from you! i LOVE that it will help you with your students... that was certainly one of my hopes for the book! thank you for sharing!

    i'd love it if you would be willing to share your thoughts over on the amazon review section of my book... just one of those things i never knew about, but i am learning so much about writing a book and then putting it out into the world! :) thank you!

    i might make it to austin this summer... not sure, but if i do, i'll be in touch!

    again, thanks for saying hello!
    xoxox *s

  9. Hi Sarah! I've just found your blog through a link from another and am so inspired by your gorgeous pieces! I'll definitely be back to see more, thanks!

  10. i love rilke!!! and this piece of yours is beautiful.

  11. Fabulous quote! I love Rilke and had never seen this one. Love your blog too.


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