Thursday, June 2, 2011

pink sky...

pink sky at night...

* * *
pink sky at night, sailors delight, pink sky in morn, sailors take warn.

* * *
i made it through my first radio show! here's the link to listen to the podcast! just click on the show from june 1st to hear me at the top of the second hour. you can also listen on itunes by downloading the creative mojo podcast. (that way you can fast forward/pause etc. the show goes for two hours, you'll find my bit just at the start of the second hour.)

but here's the thing, i was on the radio, live, from my basement. you see, just as i was about to go on, my mom called to tell me to hurry up and get in the basement. just then, the sky got dark and a huge thunderstorm started rumbling outside. my husband called to say he was watching the radar and that i should stay put. my best friend then sent a text about a tornado possibly touching down in northampton. yup, that's right where i live. so there i was, hunkered down next to the dryer, surrounded by spiders and centipedes. so you might not hear it in my voice, but i was certainly scared to say the least. luckily ada was in the clear at grammy's house, and luckily, the tornado did not hit our little town. but sadly, it did touch down a few miles away and it was serious. very sadly, a few people lost their lives and many people have lost their homes. one of the victims was a mom who saved her daughter by huddling over her in the bathtub as the house crashed down all around them. i just cannot imagine. now i know that this weather pales in comparison to what we've seen in the midwest recently, but let's remember that stuff like this doesn't usually happen in massachusetts! it was quite shocking. still is. there's lots of devastation and i still feel a little shaken up about it. so, yes, i got through the radio show, but as soon as i came upstairs and felt that the coast was clear, i realized that my dad and sister were on their way home from the airport, right where the tornado hit. my mom was just calling them to tell them to stop driving as they watched the tornado pass right in front of them and cross the highway. literally, right in front of them.

so today i'm breathing a sigh of relief and trying to get prepped and focus for a big day tomorrow! i'll be heading to squam to give a talk about my book! a bit more information here and here. i'll be sure to tell ya all about it upon my return!

until then xo *s


  1. I am so happy to hear that you are safe, Sarah! I knew that you lived in Mass. but I didn't know where. I thought of you right away when I heard about the storms.

  2. oh are so inspiring AND challenge me to do! thank you much for all your sharing ... :)

  3. LOve your art, LOVE your amazing book, and we just went through the same thing 2 weeks ago, here in MN, we used to live in the neighborhood that was devasted before we moved where we live now, out in the burbs and we DO get this kind of weather and even then it's hard to think about just how random it can turn. We were in it's path but it stopped at the river otherwise it would have been us. We dodged a bullet. I know how you feel, grateful and lucky to be safe and sound but sad knowing others are not, mixed bag of feelings that get tangled up in our hearts to be sure. I am thankful and grateful you, Ada and all your family are all safe. Now off to listen to that webcast.

  4. I love this picture. It's very soft and delicate. I love how you incorporated the photo and the painted background. Beautiful work.

  5. thank you shelley! happy summer to you! xo *s

  6. sarah - i don't believe this, but northampton is where my really good friend amy is from. her husband is in the military and they've been based at the US air base close to my house, but her family is in MA. amy and her family left on friday to take up their posting in salt lake city, but when todd retires in 6 or 7 years, they'll be buying a place near northampton. so it looks like i'll have two reasons to visit, hey? just made me think of the coincidence of your friend living near ely - looks like the two of us are always linked in weird ways!
    i've got your book right next to me as i type. i find it such a beautiful inspiring book, i love dipping into it - and i'm so thrilled in my own tiny way to be a part of it!
    hope yo are well!


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