Friday, July 1, 2011

hello july!


there are so many posts in my head i don't know where to start... but i wanted to say hello to you, and hello to july, my favorite month of the year! would someone please tell me what happened to may and june?

i'm trying to squeeze in a busy work day before the long forth of july weekend here in the states. we have a few plans- strollering and ice cream eating being the top two on my list. i'm also hoping that ada takes some more steps! she walked as if she's always known how the other night, but now she's acting like she has no idea what we're talking about! stubborn little gal she is. good thing we caught it all on video.

i hope you have a lovely weekend and i'll see you here on tuesday.
xo *s

ps: hello to a brand new blog header too. :)


  1. Love the new front porch Sarah! Happy July to you! x

  2. wondering where may and june went too! love the new look here on your blog. ada walking??? wow, how time flies!

    enjoy your long weekend!
    xo + smiles~ jill

  3. Happy 4th to you too Sarah! I love the new banner! SO summery and fun!

  4. I wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying reading and rereading your book. It is one of the few that inspires me yet doesn't muddy the waters of my own style. Also your blog is just beautiful. So summery and light. :) nan

  5. I like your new banner...I like its simplicity and clean lines!


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