Tuesday, July 5, 2011

thursday's fields

at the farm
at the farm
at the farm

so far, the best part of the summer has been thursday farm share pick up. some days i'll bring ada along, but sometimes she stays home and i bring my camera along instead. after meeting my friend with whom we split the share (so much goodness!), i take some time to snap some pictures while i have a few precious minutes to myself.

standing there in the fields reminds me of last summer's farm stand. that same farm stand in the book, the one that caused me to miss deadlines and rewrite an entire chapter. last summer, at that farm stand, i became truly inspired to paint again for the first time in the weeks following ada's birth.

this summer, while standing in the fields on thursdays, i feel the same sense of excitement and wonder. i'm not sure what it is, but there's a shift in me that happens each week... a slight breeze sets off the fragrant rows of sweet cilantro, the bright blooming poppies-all orangey red and droopy with raindrops, the soft soil beneath my muddy, flip-flopped feet... it all comes together to send me to that place. that dreamy space of wanting, no, needing to create.

i never know when or where inspiration may strike, but thankfully, it's all happening now, in the sticky summertime heat, and i plan to show you what comes of it all soon.

hope this finds you well, perhaps bursting with some summertime inspiration too.

see you tomorrow.
xo *s


  1. Simply gorgeous! Thanks for the photo inspiration!

  2. What beautiful photos! I can see why you get inspired there.

  3. peaceful and beautiful photo's!
    hugs + smiles~ jill


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