Wednesday, November 30, 2011

behind the scenes!


i recently did an online radio interview with a lovely artist named Rebecca Parsons.  Rebecca has a great show called Artistically Speaking where she interviews artists & creative people.  it was a real joy to talk with her, in fact, i had so much fun chatting, that we talked for over an hour!  i went on and on about art, creativity, my background, how i got to be where i am today, my book (& the story of how it came to be), blogs, my studio practice, balancing it all and much more!

it's a lot.

i hope you'll take some time to pull up a chair, pour yourself a cup of tea (or wine!) and listen as you work on something creative.  i actually listened to the entire interview today while i worked on packing up prints in the studio.  i mostly listened to it to make sure i didn't sound like a nutcase ;) and at one point i found myself nodding in agreement and laughing (at myself, you see, so i may be a nutcase afterall!).  you may notice some nerves (a zillion ums & "ya knows") but i'm honestly surprised you didn't hear any calls for mama or ada giggles in the background!  phew!

it's not very often that i share so much "behind the scenes" stuff here, mostly because i have so many stories to tell and not enough time to do it in writing these days, but i hope you'll find the interview interesting and entertaining.  rebecca says that the whole point of her show is to prove that we're all just "real people" behind our art, books and blogs...  you'll hear that for sure i hope!

i'm truly delighted to share it with you!  listen on itunes (just search blog talk radio artistically speaking) OR follow this link!  big thanks to rebecca too!  

i hope you'll enjoy listening!  

xo *s

ps:  the RED DOT sale is going great!  (yay & thank you!)  be sure to pop into the shop before it ends on friday, monday,12.05! i'm so happy to see new prints and originals heading out to new homes!  hooray!  


  1. Hi Sarah. I am listening now (paused to write here) I as I work on Christmas gifts. I am really enjoying the interview. Thank you for sharing your story. It is very inspiring!
    P.S. Just ordered your book!

  2. hey dana!
    thanks so much :) i'm delighted to hear from you :)
    xoxo *s


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