Monday, December 5, 2011


just a reminder that this is the LAST DAY of my red dot etsy sale

i'm rhyming here and i didn't even mean to... it's that time of the day when i get a little loopy.  must. find. coffee. and get back to packing up orders!  so happy the little shop is back in action :)  thank you so much for your support of my work!  i love packaging up paintings and prints and shipping them off to wonderful new homes.  it truly warms my heart to think of loved ones opening my artwork as gifts this holiday season, so thank you thank you thank you.  i feel very lucky.

hope you had a nice weekend! 
xo *s

ps: don't forget to listen to my interview!  i hope you'll like it!  i was happy to hear from dana, who said she was listening as she was wrapping up her christmas gifts and feeling inspired. how fun!  thanks for telling me, dana! :)

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  1. Hi Sarah! I have to tell you that the book came in a flash and I absolutely love it! It is gorgeous. I am savoring it slowly but I love the two minute exercises and the scrap book. One question I had, how do you approach the copyright issue for certain papers?
    Thanks Sarah!


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