Friday, December 30, 2011

all the moments...

well, it was a nice thought.  i thought i'd be here this week telling you all about the upcoming goodness for the new year.  i thought it'd be a "back to work week", but it wasn't.  but you know what? that wasn't such a bad thing after all, apparently i needed it, i needed a not too much to worry about week.    

it was a get outside and go for a long, chilly walk week.  it was take the day off and bring ada to the barn to meet some horses week.  (she loved feeding them carrots!) it was a thankful i am back to feeling healthy week.  it was an overdose on christmas cookies week.  it was a full day of quiet in the studio week.  it was a clean the house and organize junk drawers week.  (yup, i love that stuff, really, i do)!  it was a make some really crappy paintings before i can get to the good ones week.  yes indeed.

hello new year

i found this quote on the squam blog today, thank you to e for posting it, as it was just what i needed to hear.  in fact, i went right up to my studio and wrote it out on my chalkboard to remind myself that all the moments matter.  that even though i was having a moment of "i didn't get enough accomplished today", these words remind me that there will be those sorts of days, but they all matter, all the moments matter. as i look back on this year, i feel that there was just so much.  it was so full. i sit here this afternoon feeling very thankful, lucky, and quite honestly a bit exhausted, but very happily looking forward to what the new year has waiting in the wings... 

* * *
we just have a few things planned to ring in the new year, nothing too big, mostly just staying in and having friends and family over to our house to spend the evening in with nice company.  i've always liked the idea of new year's eve, the anticipation of it all, the feeling like we are all about to be given a fresh start.  i do love a fresh start.  

so here's to you, to all things past and all things to come...  i wish you a happy new year and i'll see you here on monday, the first one of 2012!  (so yes, it's gonna finally be a back to work week) !

cheers and happy weekend! 
xo *s


  1. here, here to that! a week of much needed rest and relaxation and etsy and blogging and painting and sewing and sorting things for the goodwill omg!!! i, too have too many things i want to accomplish and not as much as i want to do is getting done! A fresh start indeed! ;)Alyssa of Boston Bee

  2. hi alyssa! sounds JUST like what was happening here :)
    we always think we can accomplish much more than is humanly possible, don't ya think!?
    happy new year & fresh start to you! xo


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