Friday, December 23, 2011


merry merry

ada's tree on our mantel

having a little one is sure going to make this year a magical one, so i'm signing off, slowing down, focusing on her, twinkling lights, and the friends and family that we'll be gathering with over the next few days.  slow slow slow is the plan, savoring and taking it all in.  i have a tendency to rush rush rush, making sure all of the things are crossed off the list, and all is in proper order, but this weekend i'm throwing that all out the window.  

next week, i'll have lots of superamazingexciting news about what's coming up for the new year, but for now, i'm wishing you all the best for a lovely holiday weekend full of fun, relaxation, family, friends and yummy food!  

merry christmas!

thanks for being here
xo *s

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