Wednesday, January 25, 2012




i just counted 4 empty coffee cups on my studio table.  one is a to-go cup from the cafe earlier in the week (yuck), one mug from yesterday afternoon, and two more mugs from today. today was one morning coffee + one afternoon cup of tea.  i have to say, the tea just didn't cut it, so i grabbed a coffee when i had to run out to the post office. 

i apparently have a problem.

as you might have guessed, i'm in the middle of a painting marathon.  i have 8 paintings in the works, amongst the coffee cups, and thanks the caffeine (!), the pieces are almost finished.  AND, since i bet you'd rather see paintings then coffee cups, i promise to show you soon as i get 'em done. 

well, there you have it, not a very exciting behind the scenes, but now you are privy to the inner workings of my studio. ha! 

behind the scenes shall return next week.  

back to work. xo*s

ps: only 3 calendars left! 


  1. I can't wait to see what you've been working on!! I got copies made of some pictures that I want to use in a mixed media piece (reading your book)....and as soon as I don't feel like a truck ran me over I am going to get in my studio and put your book to good use!!!

  2. I so love seeing behind the scenes. The real is the most beautiful.


  3. Happy to see my mug in action! Looking forward to seeing your new work.

  4. my husband is always complaining about the same exact habit i have. there are cups, mugs and glasses all over our house. it's bad!!!! good to know i am not alone. :)


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