Monday, January 23, 2012

hello monday

we made a zoo

this morning we made a zoo

nice way to spend a monday gloomy monday morning, don't you think? 

* * *

also wanted to remind you that there are just a handful of calendars left!  all are on sale from now until they are gone for just $20.12 each!  don't miss out!  

oh, and over the weekend, i finally made a facebook page. i'll be posting LOTS of goodies there in the near future!  (giveaways, sales, workshop info and more!)  would you please head on over and "like" it ?  thanks!  



  1. i love your zoo and the color of the blocks are fabulous!!
    hugs + smiles~ jill

  2. How fun!!! I just went over and liked your page AND bought myself a calendar!! I also can't wait to take your new online class!!

  3. A perfect way to pass a cloudy day. Love all that color!

  4. j- aren't the colors perfect??? they are B. you toys (all safe, not the usual crappy bad plastic stuff) find them at target. SO great.

    celia- just putting your order together! :) thanks so much and i look forward to having you in class!

    catherine- yup! loving those colors! i need all i can get this winter!

  5. perfect inspiration for a colorful 2012.


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