Monday, January 16, 2012

hello monday

sunrise from my sister's window

we spent the weekend with my sister at her new house overlooking the harbor.  she used to live far across the country, but she's now moved east, close to the sea and close to us.  lucky us!  i'm pretty sure visiting her is going to become our perfect weekend escape. 

here's the view we woke up to on sunday morning, not too shabby, eh?!  now we just have to convince the little one to sleep later, er, at all, when we visit.  that'd be nice. 

hope you had a fun-filled weekend too!  

i'll be back on wednesday with a new {behind the scenes} and the answers to your questions!

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  1. My sister is by the shore as well. She's down near VA Beach in Norfolk, Va. Whenever I go to visit I feel like I am on a mini-vacation:)
    BTW-I saw that you were in Artful Blogging awhile back. I am working on something for an upcoming issue. Did you get some good exposure etc.? I have got to get to a SQUAM sometime soon. I was thinking the Outer Banks retreat would be perfect:) Take care,


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