Wednesday, January 18, 2012

{behind the scenes} no 2.

the whole studio bookshelf
today, my bookshelf in the studio.

hey there, happy wednesday!

i'm thilled with the response to this series!  i loved your questions.  i will get to them after i share with you the {behind the scenes} of my day.

i've had all day to myself in the studio.  quiet house since 7:30 am, but it took me a while to get going. still making up for not sleeping over the weekend i guess. i finally started (and almost finished!) some new little paintings that i love, but it seemed to take me all day to there.  geesh.  sometimes it's just like that.  on some days, it comes a lot easier.  what i've learned is to just go with the flow. creativity ebbs and flows and ebbs and flows.  i used to worry worry worry about this pattern, more specifically the ebb part, but these days it's one of the things i've just learned to just let go of.  as we all know, it does happen.  lack of creativity happens to everyone. i try to remember that. sometimes, though, looking around the inter-webs on the blogs will have you believe differently, as it's mostly just the shiny pretty stuff that most folks like to share.  especially artists.  myself included.  and it's also one of the reasons i wanted to share these {behind the scenes} stories.  the day-to-day stuff.  it's not always easy, or glossy or lovely.  there are still days that i wonder how things might be easier if i did something else for a living, but those thoughts tend to be fleeting as i know that i would never ever be happy doing anything else.  really truly.  nope and never. when i was a teenager, i remember telling my mom that i could never be "caged" in a cubicle for work even though i'd never had done it. i also remember saying that "i wasn't gonna let anyone tell me what to do". ha. she laughed, but agreed that it was probably true.  i never thought i'd be "self-employed" per se, but that seems to be what happened.  on the other hand, there are some days that i wish i had a boss to kick me in the butt and tell me to get going.  *sigh* oh, yes, then i remember that's my job too.  (note to self: get better about butt kicking).

today was one of those days when it seemed i needed a lot of "warming up" before i could get to the paintings i needed to get done for a deadline.  i thought a lot about this blog post as i rearranged my bookshelf (see above!), thought about what i would tell you as cleaned off my desk, made a zillon lists, and washed the chalkboard in my studio. oh, and i did have breakfast, coffee, got dressed, checked email and printed out some recipes.  i did the dishes, swept the floor, picked up toys and books, started and folded laundry, checked in with my mom (who is watching ada) only to find out that someone was not, i repeat, not napping.  geesh.  so i fretted about that for a while and then decided to let it go.  but then it was time for lunch.  see what happens when you work for yourself at your house?  some days are like this.  but i know that some days are not.  all in all i'm just thankful that i have my work days, to play them out how i'd like, to make them creative, whatever that may mean, and to make them my own.   oh, and yes, i did finally make some paintings.  they came fast and furious in the late afternoon.  and i love them.  phew.

so, onto your questions from last week:

i'm going to post the answers all on my new q & a page!  (look up, just under the header to see "q & a" page).  if i didn't have a disgruntled toddler sitting on my lap as i type this, i'd have 'em tackled by now... but, c'est la vie!  so, i'll have them up by the end of the week.

one of the questions:

what books are on your bookshelf? see above photo and then HERE in more detail.  a random mix for sure!  (more explanation in the q&a soon!)

thanks for the questions, everyone!  feel free to ask more on this blog post or on the q&a page.

oh, and PS!  over on etsy~ 

it's not too late!
just a few left!


  1. great post, sarah! it's always reassuring to hear that others have a hard time with letting go. take care and rest when you need it.
    hugs and smiles to you~ jill

  2. wonderful post, Sarah. I said this to me mother yesterday on the phone..that I am just not made for this "cubicle" thing. Ok, I am not working in a cubicle, but quite the same. HAve been doing for 17 years now and I am dead. I don´t know how many more years it will take me to get out of this situation, but I will. I´d love to paint, but I am struggling with these ebbs and flows and it´s so good to hear that it not only happens to me.
    I recently received your book and can´t wait to start with it!

  3. I agree, some days it's hard to focus on art when the laundry and dust bunnies are calling!

  4. where oh where did you get your bookcase from this post?
    hugs and smiles~ jill

  5. I have the same shelves (3 sets!) ( and most of the same books and Uppercase magazines,)

  6. Oh, sweet Sarah, you and I are very much alike. xo


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