Tuesday, February 28, 2012

at the end of the day

tuesdays are one of my ada days. i try really hard not to worry about work and just focus on her and what needs to be done around the house.  i thought i'd share a little glimpse into our day now that i'm at the end of it looking back.  

today i 

jumped up and out of bed when i remembered it was an ada day (i noticed that i just don't jump as fast when it's a work day)  

smiled at the blue sky and bright sunshine

happily sold this painting to a nice customer

became increasingly frustrated while trying to balance balancing the checkbook and a yowling toddler's needs (note to self, do not attempt to do this again, it's no fun for anyone) 

solved both our frustrations by giving up and going outside for a long walk instead (much better all around)

talked the entire time with ada as she rode in her stroller and pointed out pretty much each and every thing we passed along the way. our dialog for over an hour straight went something like this: 

library? yes. 
paco* sleeping in there? yes. 
squirrels? yup. 
looking for nuts? yes.
bulldozer? wave to? yay, he waved back. 
cute puppy? check, successfully patted
other kids? yes, big kids at school. 
water in the river? yes, isn't it pretty? 
waterfall by dada's office? yes! good job, ada. 
red light? check. 
green light? check. 
funny car? check. 
police station? check.
stairs to climb? yes, lots of stairs, and no, sorry, not today
*paco is our new friend, a fish who lives at the library in the children's section

counted cars, trees and people.  (sometimes 7 is skipped and we usually end at 11 and start over) 

gave uncomfortable & somewhat apologetic smiles to all the people that ada pointed at and loudly yelled MAN! or LADY! to on the street.  every so often she got it wrong, not entirely her fault, there were some tricky ones, but still, i felt the need to give the aforementioned apologetic smile.  

ate a delicious homemade lunch by my neverworksfromhomeletaloneonatuesday husband. rice, chicken, onion and kale stir fry topped with a wee dollop of apricot jam in lieu of duck sauce.

successfully got ada down easily for an almost 4 hour nap.  huge victory dance (me) and apparent growth spurt (her)

felt excited/relieved/thankful as i worked on my online workshop for a bit

wondered out loud more than once about if we are really getting a leap day snowstorm or not 

made lists lists and more lists on the chalkboard and in my sketchbooks

folded clothes, tackled endless dust bunnies, did dishes, dishes and more dishes

felt ambitious and creative when it came to dinner. i made lentil walnut burgers with cilantro yogurt sauce.  easy peasy and everyone ate and declared all was delicious.  

gave a sticky little one a warm bubble bath and then zipped her into elephant pajamas

read madeline and tucked her in and wished her sweet dreams

spontaneously wrote this post 

decided it was now time for my pajamas, wine, and a slice of my mom's swedish apple pie

hope your day was a good one too. 

until tomorrow, xo *s


  1. Oh wow, busy day. I can just imagine walking around town with an inquisitive little one. What a great way to see things - through the eyes of a child!

    Me, I'm hope sick........ blaaa

  2. What a fabulous day!!!! Miss those walks with my kids they are grown now or should say teens:O) Glad you enjoyed those wonderful moments:O) Thanks for sharing

  3. ah, thanks. :) it was a sweet day, sometimes i find myself wanting to push pause on this age! i love seeing everything through her eyes... such newness and excitement...

    thanks for saying hello! xo *s

  4. what a sweet day with young Ada and a sweet post, treasure every moment.

  5. Walking away frOm attempts at multi work/child tasking always results in good day xo


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