Wednesday, March 21, 2012

family portrait

finally crossing this off our family to-do listshe was confused & most likely blinded by the flash, but she'll grow to like it :) I hope!

we've been having a little spring break/family time
(it's in the 80s her in new england and strangely feels more like summer!)

this photo booth is just down the street from us. a 15 minute walk, tops.  we've been talking about going for months.  literally months.  i even have it written on the kitchen chalkboard on our family to-do list.  finally, the other night after a walk into town for frozen yogurtwe all piled into the booth to torture ada have a little family portrait taken.  we're not so sure she knew what was happening, but we hope she'll come around and learn to love photo booths just as much as her parents do. 

see you tomorrow for news & more when i return to regularly scheduled programing

xo *s


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