Friday, March 9, 2012

found & friday

{found paper packs}

this was one of those weeks when i had SO much to say, that instead, i found myself not saying anything at all. i somehow just couldn't find the time to sit down, collect my thoughts and be here.  i felt a bit overwhelmed in all the busyness that was the week.  


i hope your week was a good one!  i was working on a few little ideas in the studio, and one of them, that you see in a peek of above, was finally brought to fruition!  hooray!  i'm crossing it off the long to-do list! 

see more photos here and get yours here!  i'm pretty excited about these {found paper packs}, and i hope you'll like 'em too!  

so this week was designing, packaging, photographing and posting, and for me, in these days of toddlerhood, that certainly feels like an accomplishment. 

happy weekend! xo *s


  1. I had to grab one - a found paper pack sounds like the best surprise to find in the mail! I love playing with things like that for artwork backgrounds :)

    And I do like your last line about days of toddlerhood and accomplishments, I have twin boys on the way, and can barely get my head around the thought of one, let alone two!

  2. Oh the joys of toddlerhood- it really does cause some inner conflict doesn't it? These packs are great- yu are great. xoxo

  3. this is just what i needed today. a little sarah stash.


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