Tuesday, May 15, 2012

rain rain go away

the things on my table. uppercase (I'm in it!), babar's ABC's, my workshop notes, and beloved coffee. thanks to @uppercase ! so honored to be in lucky 13!

page 35 :) my rain rain go away painting!

it’s another rainy may day here in new england, though i’m not complaining.  i have work to do and a little napper sound asleep, so all’s well in the world :)  BUT, it did remind me that i almost forgot to tell you about this!  (above photos)

i’m am oh-so-honored to have a piece featured in the current issue of uppercase magazine!  my rain rain go away painting is on page 35 of lucky #13!  i was so excited to see it...  i was literally jumping up and down after finding it in my mailbox.  i so love uppercase. do you read/drool over it too?  the pages are totally FULL of amazing art and inspiration.  i’m thrilled to be a part of it!  thanks to janine and uppercase!  

in other good news, poppytalk gave a big old shout out to the inspiration kits today!  tomorrow is the official LAST day to scoop yours up!  i’ve been working away, packing fun bits and pieces into crinkly glassine envelopes...  get back to me when i’ve made the 100+ that have sold, but right now, it’s completely enjoyable and exciting!  i love sending these off into the world.

hope you are having a good day wherever you are...  
ps: my giveaway winners have been selected! see here!


  1. YES! So excited to see you painting in Uppercase yesterday too! Congrats. This was my first issue as a new subscriber. Took a long time to get here from Canada...but well worth the wait. Nice to bump into you at Twist!

    1. isn’t it great! i have some past issues if you want to borrow :) drinks soon! *s

  2. Can't wait to get mine! I will be using it with your online workshop! I've never seen the magazine Uppercase....but I will definitely be looking for a copy!

  3. congratulations on the painting in Uppercase, Sarah! I discovered this great magazine 2 or 3 issues ago and was so excited to see your work as I was thumbing through the current issue

  4. HI Sarah, congratulations on the Uppercase inclusion. So excited for you! ~Heidi

  5. Where do you get all of your amazing rings?? I just love them!


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