Wednesday, May 16, 2012

oh happy day!

my first ever online workshop pages & paint is now open for registration!

here’s a little sneak peek!  

sign up for your spot today!


  1. You are so amazing and such an inspiration! Congratulations on your first online workshop. xo

  2. Yay!! I have been holding my breath waiting for this workshop! I can't wait....and then I get to meet you in person a Squam in September.....Squeeeal!!

  3. Done! Can't wait! Got some good stuff from my favorite lady at Brimfield last week just for this.

  4. Hi Sarah! I just signed for your workshop and I can't wait! I love your book and you artwork so much! See you in July!

  5. Hi
    I am a bit late for the on-line class but will you do it again some time?


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