Monday, June 11, 2012

hello there!

on her birthday

hey there!

i took an unplanned little break from blogging for the past week or so. it snuck up on me, but apparently some “off-line” time was needed. i’ve been busy writing writing writing lately and felt that i just didn’t have a blog post in me. (just for the record- the writing is for my workshop, NOT another book, although it does feel awfully similar! )  

i always know it’s time to return to this space when i start thinking of many things to share with you here. i’ll be back to a regular schedule this week, but i thought i’d pop in, say hello, happy monday and i hope you had a good weekend!

the photo above is of ada and her new friend, the beluga whale. for her birthday a couple of weeks ago, we took the day off and drove to the Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut. luckily, we got a late start to the trip (the story of my life) and managed to arrive just as the 600+ school kids were on their way out!  hooray! we ended up having the place practically to ourselves!  

it was a special day and the perfect way to ring in year #2! 

more soon! xo *s


  1. I so know how this "vanishing act" goes! Time takes on a whole new dimension with kids around! Love this image of Ada (she is a little girl now! Where is that baby I first met?!) and I have found memories of the mystic aquarium. My girl LOVES whales ... and sharks ... and jellyfish. It is so much fun re-dscovering things through their eyes. Lots of zoo trips in our future this summer :)

    xo Lis (oh, I will be posting soon about my mini-journal creations. I think you need to develop a summer camp for us all!)

  2. that photo is so magical-amazing!

  3. Oh, our local aquarium! Isn't it great?!

    I also love the age of two. It's one of my favorites; it's gotten bad press with all that "terrible two" nonsense. I always loved having a two-year-old in the family.

  4. Oh what a beautiful photo. We took our (now 3 yr old) daughter there for her 1st birthday too x

  5. Enjoy the break. I'm a total believer in unplugged time to recharge the creative batteries and regain a balanced perspective on life. ~Heidi

  6. that's an amazing photo! I'm in your online squam workshop and I can't wait.

  7. This photo IS wonderful, Sarah! My package arrived exciting! I'll email you later today about it.

    Have a blessed and creative day!

  8. Sarah- this is such a freakin awesome picture! Great photography skills lady.

  9. those beluga whales are great!! they interact so much with everyone who comes up to them. we went a few months ago. a wonderful place!!

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  11. No posts for awhile. BOO HOO! I will keep checking back. Hope all is well.


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