Thursday, May 24, 2012

ada’s spaces

a snippet of my inspiration wall that reminds me of ada

ada turned TWO on monday! i’ll share my snapshots from her party and celebration(s) soon, but i first wanted to show you some of thea’s photos of ada’s favorite spots in our house. when thea was here recently, i asked her to snap some pictures of ada’s spaces as it seems that time is flying by! i just love the here and now of her little blue worktable, her current room and some details in our house, combine that with how beautifully thea captures the light, creates softness and magically makes the colors just come alive. how lucky am i to have such a talented friend come over for the day!? (otherwise it’s just me and my trusty iphone!)  

these photos really make me happy and i wanted to share them with you. first up is ada’s “work" area in my studio, it’s where she asks to go every morning and usually after nap. she marches in and declares that ada needs to do her “work”, (stamping and doodling) at her blue table. sometimes the stamps end up on her belly instead, but for the most part she works in her little sketchbook or colored squares of paper.  

ada’s desk where she asks to do her “work”

her desk in my studio

top of her worktable

although everyone talks about the twos being “terrible”, i have to say i really love how she’s now able to communicate and do so much more than ever before.  it’s truly amazing to watch her grow. she’s the best.  

in other news-  pages & paint is filling up!  i’m thrilled that it was featured on soulemama this week too!  what an honor!  

tomorrow i’ll share the photos from her room.  have a great day! 


  1. hi, sarah. i have daydreamed about squam for years and am so excited to finally find a way to participate by taking your online class. i saw the link on soulemama's site yesterday, clicked, and before i knew it i was all signed up. i can't wait to start!

    1. kathy-
      i’m just SO thrilled to hear this! thanks so much and i look forward to “seeing” you in the workshop! :) xo *s

  2. love her little space. Her "art" is lovely :o)


  3. Hi Sarah! I love Ada's adorable and cheerful space! Her little blue table is so cute! I bet she loves having her own spot to create! My 3 boys were very sweet at two years (and they still are)!

  4. What an absolutely adorable space for your daughter. I have a desk in my space too for my kids & they love spending time "working." I LOVE the clipboards hanging above to display her art. Perfect! Happy creating. :)

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  6. I have an art desk for my six year old daughter in my art studio as well! Yours is awesome- I love the stamps for her name.

  7. So fun to see little snippets of your studio and Ada's spaces. I thought the 2s were lots of fun and cherished that time. 3s on the other hand were "terrible".. but even though it was tougher, try to remember every moment because it all goes way too fast!

  8. I love how you have her art space set up--everything accessible and ready for her small reach. So precious! Two-year-olds are HILARIOUS! I remember laughing often when my kids went through that age.
    Catherine Denton

  9. oh my, these photo's are darling + bright! i love how you use fruit/veggie containers to organize her desk.
    you + ada are lucky to have one another!
    hugs + smiles~ jill

  10. my sketchbook and fun pack in the mail today! Love! Can't wait to play in it and really appreciate all your fun and encouraging instructions and suggestions. The large postcard is so need to sell those in your etsy shop.

  11. What a great little space!! I'm in the process of creating something like this in my studio for my little people, so it's nice to see what works for others.

  12. Sarah, I love the photos of your daughter's art-making space. I have a little table up in my workroom where my two girls (ages 3 and 4) can work alongside me. It is so rewarding to see them expressing themselves and playing with new and interesting supplies.

  13. I just love Ada's little desk....her work is so cute. My daughter is 10 but we share my workspace too and it is such a great way to spend time together!

  14. p.s.....I got my sketchbook and fun pack too....I'll be hanging onto it to use in the online workshop!

  15. You are setting the stage for another artist in this world - little Ada's creativity is sure flourishing! My dad (who I lost nearly 2 months ago) did the exact same thing for me when I was small - set a drafting table up beside him & let me get my "hands dirty" with all his art supplies...what a GIFT!

  16. I love Ada's blue work table! My daughter's table and the way she uses her supplies (totally fearless and without any concern for neat or tidy) always inspires me. I can't wait to see you chronicling Ada's arting adventures. Remind me to share with you our box of 200+ dragons, sharks, snakes and cars (too many for journals!)

    loving my kit btw :)
    xoxo Lis

  17. I love that you welcome her in your space by creating her own space. Thank you for sharing!

  18. I love her little/big space! My kids are finally catching on that mom's an artist who will share ALL of her support and (some:) of her art supplies-I mean, they have their own:) The other night I was showing my 9 year old how to add grass around a tombstone to make it look like it's in the ground. I take what I can get! He's into cartoon drawing right now. Love it.

  19. I remember when my little girl was 2 (about 13 years ago! whoa!) just hearing her be able to tell me things was so amazing! In fact, I think she used to tell me more then than she does now :)
    I love your little girl's art area, it's wonderful! xo

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