Thursday, January 31, 2013

each and every day

for a long time, i’ve only thought of this space as a place to share my artwork, creative process, and all art related projects. yes, i did veer off course here and there, but mostly i tried to stick to that theme, but, as my creativity in the studio ebbs and flows, so does my posting here. as in, if i’m not feeling super creative and productive in the studio, the less i share here because i feel that i don’t have anything of interest to “say” OR i don’t feel that i have the “right” thing to share.
painting/studio january
but, the other day i had a “lightbulb” moment, a long overdue flash of realization about this space. 

i finally began noticing an important pattern of my every day life, one that came so naturally to me it was easy to overlook and take for granted. it’s simple really-  if i’m not creating in the studio,  i’m creating something somewhere else.  being creative is an integral part of my every day, it’s just a natural part of my routine that i never let go.  yes, a big part of that routine USED to be quite centered around my art and studio, but as things change, (as they always do when a baby enters your world), my creative ventures have spread themselves out, so to speak. 

within this pattern, i observed -
if i’m in the studio less, i’m in the kitchen more, scouring cookbooks and trying out new recipes, obsessively, like it’s my job! and, if it’s a day that ada and i are together, WE are creative together - building towers, constructing tents, drawing on the chalkboard, painting pictures and taking adventurous excurstions outside. within those days i am noticing, savoring, picture taking, and capturing sweet moments in my sketchbook.

red lentil
building towers

another other part of the pattern? i realized that no matter what day it is, when i let go of what’s SUPPOSED to happen within the framework of my day and just try to let whatever IS happening, happen, that’s when the i’m happiest and most inspired.  

i will say this LETTING GO has been best / hardest lesson i’ve learned in motherhood, but lately it’s the more BEST than hardest. 

so, it was this recent "pattern watching” that lead to my long overdue lightbulb moment about this space ~  

i’m going to start posting about my creative adventures from each and every day, hence the new header!, whether that means i’m going to share what i’m cooking in the kitchen, what ada and i are up to, or what i’m painting in the studio, it’ll be here. it feels right. it feels good. it feels like a perfect fit for ME and where i am today. 

i guess it’s taken me so long to come to this conclusion because i truly thought i needed to hold onto what i originally made this space for.

i was holding onto what i thought it was SUPPOSED to be.  time to let go. 

silly me.

i hope you’ll come along and enjoy the ride...  each and every day starts today.

xo *s


  1. What a great post!! Good for you! :) :)

  2. Yes! I'm glad you've come to this conclusion as I always wonder how you do it a mom and artist (I too am both). I'm glad you plan on posting about your everyday:) You are also right in that your art is not only on the canvas of your paintings and on this blog but, in the details of your life too! From buildings towers, to what you cook, to how you organize your space. It's all art! Cant wait to read more posts!

  3. Yay! Looking forward to enjoying your blog daily now!

  4. This is exactly how motherhood has affected me also! Instead of fighting with myself about the fact I'm not making any art, I have come to love doing creative things any way I can. A morning baking session has become almost a ritual with my 2 half yr old (flapjack is the current favourite!) and painting with him too, something Ada is now a pro' at of course! Great to hear another artist talk about this too!

  5. I can't wait to "hear" more from you. I so enjoy coming to ths space and finding a new post. Even better if two or three have stacked up since I last checked in.

  6. Ahhh.....what a refeshing and comforting post! I will strive to be more like lightbulb moment! Life is so different since the twins and finding time for creativity is perhaps the thing I am still most strugging with. It seems more often than not, I am only thinking creativity, because I'm acting domestic...which, of course, has its own rewards, but is nevertheless still a struggle for me. Henceforth, I will invest creativity in all that I do. I probably do it anyway, but never thought of it as such, because I wasn't IN the studio. Now I'm going to consciously do so! Spanks, Sarah!

  7. I love this. Firstly because i love reading your blog posts and am super happy that now there will be more. And also because i too am a mom of a 3 (and 8) yr old trying to find that balance between creativity that feels like it's productive in the adult sense of the word, and the other 'mom' type creative stuff - the play, taking photos, cooking. Thank you for the reminder that both are important and if more of one means less of the other, it's for a while and then it will swing the other way again and that's OK. So looking forward to your new posts. Hurrah. x

  8. It is so true about being creative all day long - just in a different way - it's the same for me. Whether I'm cooking, redecorating (rearranging) or helping with school projects or other kinds of kid "problem solving" I am still being a creative person. It doesn't have to be on a canvas to be art. Can't wait to read your blog posts.

  9. thanks everyone! so happy that you are looking forward to hearing more : ) xoxo *s


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