Wednesday, January 30, 2013

shop update!

hello there! 

i’ve been putting a lot of energy into my etsy shop this past month.  after the rush of the holidays, i felt to the need to re-do, un-do, and re-think my shop.  i hope you’ll pop over, take a look, and like what you see! it’s still a work in progress, as i’m adding more and more and more, but i thought i’d let you in on the SALE happening right now!  my calendars are now just $20.13, and i just have a handful left!

 calendars are now on sale!

in the next few weeks i’ll be having a BIG sale on prints, some new products, AND originals, yes, i said originals!  hooray!  i’ll keep you informed here, so stay tuned and sign up on my mailing list if you want to be the first to hear of sales and coupon codes! 

in with the old and out with the new. no, that’s not what i meant to say, it’s the other way around. i’m just tired.
 * * *
oh! and speaking of new, i have some new ideas, big ones, brewing about this space. here’s a peek into my plan~ 

new logo/banner 

i hope you'll like the idea as much as i do!  more on this tomorrow!  i’m excited. so excited that i forgot to eat lunch or have my afternoon coffee.  that’s the good kind of excited! 
xo *s

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  1. sarah, i can't wait to see your big new idea! looks awesome!


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