Wednesday, February 20, 2013

two words

vintage duck measuring cups/daffodils/paper whites thinking spring on the winter windowsill

stomach bug. 

the good news -  i have MANY more words to share!  about a zillion in fact!  i recorded a podcast with rice freeman-zachary a week ago and i hope you’ll listen!  i really loved her questions & our conversation!  all about the good stuff like creativity, motherhood and how to figure it all out!  (it’s gonna change your life... just kidding!) 

come on over HERE to listen while you work/cook/paint/drink wine/sew ...  whatever floats your boat! :) it’s about 45 minutes of chatting and i was highly caffeinated, just sayin’ 

here’s a blurb from her blog about our conversation~ 
Sarah Ahearn Bellemare is a painter, an author, a blogger, a business owner--and a mom. Sarah loves wearing all those different hats, and she loves that her career allows her to spend time at home with her daughter, but she's also honest about how hard it is to integrate being a new mom with a life as a working artist. If you spend much time online, you know how rare this is: artist moms make it sound like new motherhood is a fairytale world of cupcakes and bubble baths, and hardly anyone admits that, no matter how thrilled you are to be a mom and no matter how delightful you find this new little human who's living with you, it's hard. Very, very hard. Sarah has some tips for ways she's made it easier, refreshing ideas from someone who's willing to admit that while there are plenty of fabulous days, there are also some that are just tough. You'll want to invite her over for a good schmooze and a glass of wine.

i hope you’ll enjoy!  
xo *s


  1. Hey, you ever want to commiserate on that whole motherhood/working artist thing drop me a line. I have a 3.5 yr old and a 6 month old. Can you say pandemonium?! :)

  2. Very cool!! I'm looking forward to checking out your interview!! :)

  3. Oh dear hope you are ok after your tummy bug, always awful things. Will look forward to checking out your interview.

  4. Had a chance to finally listen to your interview - it was excellent. I was multitasking while listening ... working on a new piece of art in my studio, listening to your interview and waiting for my son to come home from school. The time flew by as it always does but you have to catch it all when you can. Thanks for sharing.


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