Thursday, February 21, 2013

this afternoon

squirrel stamp & weird photo booth  mystery man #randomstudiobits
red & turquoise

pops of red in my studio today. love this afternoon sunshine...

{in the studio}


  1. i TRULY enjoy your photos and art!!
    i hope ALL is well!!
    hugs + smiles~ jill

  2. this is totally random, but i watched safe haven with my daughter last night at the movies and i would swear that cute little basket in your photo is in that movie. if not it looks real close. haha. i love that blue table of yours too. :)
    sherry williams

    1. hi sherry! :)
      could very well be the same one! this is an old grocery store shopping basket that i found for 5 bucks(!) in an antique store. i remember a shop years ago that had stacks of them for actual use and just loved the stripes and that they fold up! i’m sure there’s many more out there... too bad the grocery store ones these days aren’t as cute!
      hugs, *s


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