Wednesday, March 6, 2013

in like a lion

the last week or so has been full full full.  good things really, and not so much busy, but just full.  does that make sense?

i’m always asked about my schedule, and how i “do it all” (hint- i don’t)! so i thought i’d share a glimpse into how things work around here.

on mondays and tuesdays it’s just ada and me. we clean the house/do the laundry/make the meals/do the grocery shopping all that exciting and necessary stuff. oh, and we wear stripes. while i clean the bathroom, she gives her cows and the dinosaurs their baths.  when our “work” is done, we try to do something fun and get out of the house. (that last part is mostly for my sanity).
all stripes today!
last week there was even a smattering of sunshine here in wintery new england (yes, just a smattering) so we dusted off the stroller and headed out on the (finally) snow-free sidewalks. on one of our long walks, ada and i spotted this!  it gave me a thrill, even now, and she said “mama, i spy something familiar- it’s your book”.  so sweet.
we spied a little something on our walk today!
wednesdays and thursdays are my back-to-back work days. one of us drives ada to my parent’s house and she gets to play with grammy for the day. lucky ducks. 

last week i was working on a commission. it was SO good to get back to painting. i’ll share the story of the painting very soon, but here’s a peek! 
peek of a Saturday night painting...  so far...  
thursday evening rolled around and i hosted a dinner party with a bunch of local ladies, some of whom i had yet to meet. this called for cleaning the house, making some food, and wearing something other than my pajamas. i really thought it was the last thing i wanted to do at 8 pm towards the end of a long week, but it just might have been the highlight of my week.  funny how that sort of thing can happen.  i laughed and connected with wonderful friends, some new and some old. it was just what was needed. 

i think i’ll stop there, modern family is on, the dish washer is loaded, and now that we got the toothpaste out on her toothbrush in the “right” way, third time’s a charm!, an overtired toddler was rocked to sleep and tucked in. i need a glass of wine and some trader joe’s dark chocolate mint cremes. livin' the life.

hope all’s well in your world!  xo *s


  1. I loved peeking into your week this morning!

  2. sounds like the perfect non-plan kind of plan we artist mama's have to live by: )
    thanks for sharing and good luck with the commission, it looks like it's coming along beautifully!

  3. what a sweetly, delightful post Sarah; I especially approve of a glass of wine and chocolates, all good things end with chocolates around here and Ada and you are adorable. Sweet hugs


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