Monday, February 25, 2013

brought to you by the color turquoise...

my favorite color lately. apron, rug, bed & blanket. a lot of patterns going on in one little spot.
our pooch is always on patrol, watching out the window...
snow day blurry lunch. lentil soup with kale & squash. kiddo version - crackers and spiral noodles in the bee bowl with the Thomas spoon and the pink bib and new cup. she's quite particular. whatever works!
instead of napping, there was painting.  there was no stopping her. like her mama, she's partial to blues :)
turquoise is my favorite color lately... as evidenced by my instagram feed!

photos from top to bottom:
+ the real deal was at the dinosaur museum over the weekend  
+ noticing lots of patterns around the house
+ our pooch and the blue oar 
+ blurry winter lunch 
+ ada hard at work painting with watercolors

i think bright yellow might be the next color i begin to notice, always seems to happen when i’m craving spring.

what color are you inspired by lately?

i hope you had a happy monday!  


  1. I am so loving coral and yellow right now. I want spring to come so bad:)
    turquoise is one of my faves too!

    1. oooooh coral.. now i’m seeing that everywhere too! must start collecting some...
      thanks for sharing and saying hello! xo *s

  2. Turquoise, coral, yellow and bright red...and light gray are my fav's. I can never just pick one! ;). Nice pics Sarah!


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