Thursday, May 2, 2013

all sorts of flowers

{day 2} this evening's doodles. it's all I could squeeze in after a busy day & an epic toddler meltdown, but it's better than nothing. #everydayinmay

{day 2 of every day in may}

today was a busy one.  this evening, after wrangling (literally) a cranked up toddler to bed, i tip-toed down the stairs and i poured myself a glass of wine.  just as i was about to collapse onto the couch, i remembered that there was that thing i challenged myself to. yep. so off i went to the studio, wine in hand, and worked on a few doodles. it wasn’t much, but i almost didn’t want to stop.  now there are a few pages of doodles of all sorts of random flowers to add to yesterday's poppy.  there’s no turning back, i think some flower paintings just might be in my future! 

i’m SO thrilled that so many of you are excited about this little every day in may challenge. be sure to follow along and join in! 

so far, so good :) 
xo *s

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  1. Hi Sarah
    So glad you are creating like this, aevery day in May.
    I am also doing this challenge but do not have a blog.
    Will follow with interest, good on ya!


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