Friday, May 3, 2013

afternoon in the studio

since there was no nap today, ada and i did some "collaborative work" in the studio. 

while she was working away on several watercolor masterpieces, (at MY table and in MY chair of course), i was working on some new ideas for some bigger paintings across from her. (more on those soon)

but we're having so much fun... #everydayinmay is a collaboration today... 
i look away for just a minute, as she says:

"mama, your studio is the best place for little kids to come and paint their skin” 

why yes, yes it is. ahem. 

we had literally just come from taking a much needed afternoon bath.   

but, since you are only almost 3 once, well, i just let her go at it.  she proceeded to paint black stripes all over both arms and on her hands, i may have cringed a bit, but boy was she happy. she then asked to have her picture taken, just like this:

"mama, your studio is the best place for little kids to come and paint their skin"  it's true... even though we had JUST come from taking a bath... ! *sigh*
and since part of my may challenge involves more letting go and less thinking, well, today was a good lesson in that.  

happy weekend!  xo, *s


  1. She's such an Artist! So Adorable!

  2. She is just the cutest! I too am trying to remind myself that my babies are only little for a moment. It can be such a challenge but, look at the memories you are making! :)

  3. I love this! She is so cute and I love that she gets to share your studio too.

  4. She is adorable. Totally reminds me of my 5 yr. old who just last week stuck her lips in a watercolor cake to pretend she is wearing lipstick. LOL. A quick wash and explaining that those paints can make her sick but I had to laugh as it was so cute.


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