Tuesday, May 7, 2013

these days...

every day in may is really working! i’m really making the effort each and every day to fit in some just-for-me creative time... it’s a busy season with some behind the scenes/computer work, so in an effort to not let that take over, i’m working really hard to balance it off with some fun creative time.  what that time looks like is a little different depending on the day, but here’s a peek into the last few days. 

1933, a trip to Nantucket. my great grandparents & friends. big photo, new ideas in the works... #everydayinmay
saturday - i spent some time up in my studio playing around with my new idea for using BIG photographs in my work....  excited about this! 

on a walk- this apple smells so deliciously sweet!
sunday- ada spent some time with her grandparents in the morning so that i could work on a project or two.  i was feeling a little overwhelmed with all i had on my plate, so i went for a run (more like a run/walk if i’m being honest...)  and it did the trick!  totally cleared my head and helped me focus.  i spotted this apple tree when i was out- it was hard to miss because it smelled so deliciously sweet! (i’m totally counting this as my creative “me” time as it helped me push through a block i was having and i got back to work refreshed and excited... ) 
15 minutes between dinner & bedtime while they played trains & read green eggs and ham. that's where i found a pocket of time to get paint on my hands. hello black paint, you aren't so bad after all. #everydayinmay
monday- it was a busy one, ada woke up feeling a little under the weather/ a lot cranky, so things had to shift around a bit which is always tricky, but luckily, in the evening between dinner and bedtime i found a little pocket of time to sneak up to my studio.  while she and dada played trains and read green eggs and ham for the umpteenth time, i painted with a new-to-me color- black!  spoiler alert- i even kinda loved it!  

inspiration gathering during nap time. it's all part of the process... #everydayinmay
today, tuesday- a visit from the grandparents in the morning, coupled with a cooperative toddler taking a much needed afternoon nap provided me with lots of studio time- hooray!  i tore apart my current inspiration wall next to my work table and started a new one. this is always a good practice, as it keeps things fresh and gets me re-inspired with some new ideas.  these days i’m loving faded “vintage-y” yellows,  the patterns and colors of old quilts, and botanical illustrations. (more on this wall soon as it grows!) 

tomorrow is a studio/work day, so i’m excited to build on some of the things i’ve started these past few days!  

*if you don’t see a daily posting here, you’ll find me @sarahearn on instagram.  so happy you are following along and making your days more creative too!  xo *s

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  1. I love The quilt on your wall, I had it for ages on my wall


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