Thursday, May 23, 2013


you know how when they say “when it rains, it pours?”  well, these past few weeks it certainly has been pouring! 

here’s what’s been going on- 
i launched my new online workshop, we celebrated ada turning three (more on that soon), my book turned two, i finalized some plans for a new in-person workshop series (at my studio),  A N D, i made this video for YOU!  check it out!  (and don’t miss the ending, it’s my favorite part!) 

real life alert-
and if that wasn’t enough, someone in this house was finally potty trained!  what?!  that’s a full-time job in itself, let me tell ya!  but, on the bright side, potty training involves a lot of, let me repeat, a lot of time spent on the bathroom floor, just kind of, shall we say, waiting? so, in that time, i managed to scrub and clean and mop, so that’s a plus.   

but, as always, something has to give, so just for the record- the rest my house is not clean, all of the laundry is piling up, and i can’t remember the last time i exercised or vacuumed and apparently it is now dog shedding season. yup.  i am not superwoman and i certainly do not do it all.  

but, i’ve managed to keep up with my everydayinmay creative time, so i’ll catch you up on that soon too. 

even though i’m tired, it’s an exciting time in our house and i couldn’t be happier with all of the “stuff” we have going on. i’m feeling very thankful.  here’s hoping you have some good “stuff” happening in your world too.  
xo *s


  1. so cute! and yah! on the potty training front. I never had much luck on any of my kids being trained before 4 so I was thrilled when my last one hit it at 3. (i seriously changed diapers for 12 years straight!)

  2. So fun to *see* you again, Sarah! Your video brought back all sorts of fond memories of our day together at Squam! {ps...yay!!! for potty training! I have done it three times and will swear that it is the one thing I abhor about parenting. Soooo not for the weak...} xo

  3. So excited about the in person workshop, please email me the details! Loved the video....wonderfully you! Congrats on the potty you have to only go to stores with bathrooms though! :)

  4. The video is great! Very welcoming. And congrats on the potty training -- it's a long process but so exciting when it is (mostly) done!

  5. Missing your posts in the last weeks... I think I'll wait for painted pages part 2 as I did your online course last summer. As I would only have time for 2 weeks of the four and considering the repetition of some parts of the course I guess it's not worth it for me. At the same time I would so much like to take part as I really really enjoyed it last summer and I could do with some nice group spirit! But given the reasons mentioned above it is unfortunately a bit too expensive for me. I guess without Squam as a partner you have higher costs. They hardly offer any courses anymore this year - do you happen to know why?

    By the way I did not see your inspiration kit for kids in your etsy shop. Are they sold out?

    Martina from Brussels

  6. Oh my gosh, just watched your video and I'm SO excited about these kits!! :)) Such a generous and fun idea. Thank you! Cannot wait for class to begin.


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