Monday, July 1, 2013

catch up!

this past month has been FULL. feels as if june went flying by... i thought i’d catch you up! 
P is for pink polka dots and putting together class kits for painted pages workshop! pow! @poppytalkas I'm packing up kits for my workshop, I realize I may have an unintended polka dot theme. I'm going with it. #paintedpagesworkshop
i’ve been very busy getting ready for painted pages workshop, hence my lack of blogging!. the biggest job lately has been packing up the class kits and shipping them out.  i confess, although it takes A LOT of time, it just might be my favorite thing to do! 

we also shot ALL NEW video for the course, so there’s been lots of time spent in the studio- can’t complain about that either! for the shoot, i moved my work table in front of my windows to capture all of the lovely summery evening light, but it’s perfect, so i’ve decided to keep it there.  best move ever, i love sitting there and painting. 
today was a better day than yesterday for sure! spent it here with no household calamities. phew!  here we go... #summercolors13 #white @poppytalk
for the past few weeks, my biggest challenge has been balancing more work time with my mama time. my normal schedule is only working 2 days a week, and there’s only so much that can be squeezed into that time these days, so it’s been tricky for sure!  june was especially nutty since my husband needed to travel a lot for work, ada has been extra stubborn (she’s 3!), and since she doesn’t nap anymore, well, let’s just say it’s been quite the balancing juggling act!  

some days were improved with sprinkles and frozen yogurt for dinner! this was the day that the hot water heater broke and flooded the basement. (yes, my husband was away of course AND the toilet broke that day too)! sprinkles saved the day!
it was a fro-yo for dinner sort of day. broken hot water heater, flooded basement, deadlines looming, tantrum throwing, broken toilet, almost stepped in puke, pouring rain no umbrella soaking wet, sort of day. but it was all better after we had our "dinne 

I have a three year old. 'nuff said. here's hoping this will improve our getting out the door and other issues...
above: ada’s cooperation chart. i’m happy to report it’s working!

below: our entryway is full of summer gear for impromptu pool parties!
summer has arrived in the hallway. googles, swimsuits, & sandals! #summercolors13
walking with dada. out to breakfast in blue. #summercolors13
as hard as some days feel, i thank my lucky stars for these two, nutty days and all! 

here’s to summer
happy july! 
xo *s


  1. what sweet little snippets! i'm juggling my time with my work and a 15 month old, I thought by 3 it would be way easier... your not giving me much hope! :)

    1. hi denise! we may have a lot in common! :) 3 IS easier in some ways, BUT a lot more challenging in others... but it also brings nursery school, so there’s hope!
      i can’t wait to get to know you in class! hang in there, mama! xo *s

  2. My youngest daughter is now 9, but boy, do I remember those days! I loved the cooperation chart. I can't wait to start your workshop. Mommy creative time here I come!

  3. Love all you do Sarah. It is so hard with little ones but my they bring such JOY to our days!!! My little ones are now in college and a junior in HS. It goes too fast!! Enjoy now. As inspire in many ways. Have a WONDERFUL day!!!

    1. aw, thanks! we are enjoying every nutty minute! it’s going too fast already! hugs to you! xo *s

  4. Sprinkles are the way to go, I agree!

    I loved my daughter at three, emotional (yes!) but that is when she really started to develop her personality. Savor the summer, they are only three once :-)


  5. Your so creative! I love the cooperation chart. What I really love is that you are giving her experiences like train rides as a reward. Quality time and adventures are much cooler than cash. I will have to try that. Maybe you will have more time for you if it is working.

    Ambrose @ Brown & Reaves Services, Inc.


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