Wednesday, October 2, 2013

flowery flowers & more

 small floral clusters figure 2
to the sea

I’m excited to share a new series of paintings that i made last month for the enormous tiny art show at nahcotta. i love challenging myself to make a new series- a set of paintings that all “go together”- and even though i start out “knowing” that they will all be a cohesive set, i usually end up with a couple of “other” paintings not in the original plan. for this show, it was my intention to make a bunch of “flowery flower paintings”, but somehow i ended up with a couple of “random” others. one example is the piece directly above called “to the sea” which has nothing to do with flowers! oh well, the silver lining is that the “extra” ones usually end up being my favorites. :) 

you can see the whole series at the gallery here

new series for enormous tiny art show 14


  1. Hi Sarah,
    It's great to see your work again. It always inspires me.

  2. Hi Sarah received your book in the post last week. It is beautiful and just the inspirational kick start I need after the hiatus of having two toddlers over the last couple of years! I really look forward to dipping in and out of it and getting in my sketchbooks again! So thankyou!x

  3. Great work. Love your paintings!


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