Thursday, April 10, 2014

ada’s artwork

that new rainbow painting she said would "brighten up the room" AND because we got out for a walk in the warm sunshine AND I finally blogged about the new normal of having two. (link in profile) #100happydays #todaywasagoodday

after a little bit of a self-imposed maternity leave, i’m itching to get back to art making in the studio...  it’s been too long since i’ve had painty fingers and i can feel it sneaking up on me... i’ve been busy with lucy, yes, but i can always tell when i *need* to get back into the studio to create because i can almost feel it in my bones... it’ll be tricky to carve out the time in these early baby days, but i’m determined!

a tiger with a roar so big it is covering his eyes. next to a bat cave. #100happydays and because it's finally April!!!!! #winterisover #sunnyand50!

these days, ada has been the one painting/making up a storm! she’s unstoppable-drawing, painting, cutting, stamping, coloring, you name it, she’s been doing it! i LOVE seeing her creations! and the timing has been perfect, she keeps VERY busy with when i am dealing with her little sister. 

happy to see the sunshine today & happy i found this sheet of bird wrapping paper that I laminated years ago in the basement ... it's a perfect art making placemat!

i’ll talk more about what/how i’ve set her up to make art in another post, but i thought it’d be fun to share some peeks today! 
from the top: 
-the rainbow she did all on her own and told me to hang it to “brighten up the room”
-“a tiger with a roar so big it covers his eyes” drawn on our chalkboard painted dining room table
-painting a garden and sunshine (with a fun laminated piece of wrapping paper underneath)

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  1. Beautiful pictures by a very talented ada! I especially love the tiger!x


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