Thursday, April 24, 2014

important reminders

on the chalkboard today : a little note to myself (something my grandmother used to say)

i thought i’d share a few reminders i have posted around my house-

perfect is the enemy of good.  it’s on a post-it note above my studio work table...
be of good cheer. it’s something my grandmother used to say & easy to forget!
no one said it was easy is printed on a letter-pressed card i received when ada was born and hangs near my desk...

i’m remembering that last one a lot these days. nope, not easy, this parenting stuff, but oh so worth it. 

more good quotes/words to remember
+ my little reminder series: one & two 

any other words of wisdom to share? 

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  1. When thinking about parenthood I like the quote: "The days are long but the years are short." It's SO true. My "kids" are 35 and 32 now and I can't believe it as the years have flown by but while they were growing up the days sometimes seemed so long. Enjoy every minute with your two little ones!

  2. oh that's a good one, barbara! thanks! :)


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