Thursday, May 1, 2014

every day in may

last year, you may remember i challenged myself to paint/create something in the studio every day in may. confession: i pretty much failed miserably and am still kicking myself... i did start off strong, but then other projects got in the way...  SO! i'm going to pick myself up, dust myself off, and try again!
i'll be posting my days over on instagram and will plan to share what i'm up to each week here on the blog. there's a lot going on these days and i know i NEED the little creative outlet... luckily the littlest one sleeps a lot and the big one can work next to me... stay tuned!  
 I'm going to try to make time to be in the studio & paint/create something everyday in may. (i failed miserably last year) so this year i'm challenging myself again to do better... without further ado, here we go with day one- finish up these houses! #eve
day no. 1: 
working on these little house that have been on my desk waiting their turn

how about you join in! the more the merrier!
+ + +
i also wanted to share a fantastic option if you are looking to be creative every day in may with photography!  
my dear friend and all-time favorite photographer thea coughlin is offering her amazing new online photography course starting next week! thea photographed me, my book, and my online workshops. i feel so incredibly lucky to have found her! she's not only an incredible photographer, but she's an absolutely amazing teacher and sweet soul. i can't wait to learn more about my camera in her course, so i wanted to share with you all too!

May 5- May 30, 2014
it's not too late to join!

i'll certainly looking forward to it!
check out all the detail HERE!
thea says: 

This class is for anyone who would like to learn how to master their camera in manual mode, so they can control the exposure of their images no matter what the situation, while also deepening their connection to their own creativity and the people and objects they photograph. 
In this workshop, we’ll spend four weeks exploring basic photography techniques + camera technology. You’ll expand your photographic vocabulary (from Aperture to Zoom lens) and get yourself out of manual mode. I will be there every step of the way, providing you with assignments and giving you weekly individualized feedback on your work! You will have a chance to practice and ask questions in a safe and supportive environment with a community of like minded creatives!You’ll not only have a bunch of fresh additions for your portfolio — and a whole bag of spiritual tricks (yeah!) to bring into your photography practice, but a new found connection to your work.
*mention code sarahahearn and receive $10 off of your registration!

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