Tuesday, April 29, 2014

today's the day!

Registration is NOW open for my new online workshop! 
hooray! i'm SO excited!!! click above to find out all of the details! 

my new online workshop

*mailing list subscribers will receive a generous discount, so if you aren't on the list, go on over and sign-up by 5 pm today to get the coupon code for the special price! 
can't wait to paint together this summer!
xo *s


  1. I'm on the mailing list (confirmed and everything) but never get any emails from it. I checked my spam filter and everything :(

    1. hi chel-
      very strange... i will tell you that i don’t send more than 4x (or so) a year at this point... usually about 1x a season or when there is a class starting... i’ll double check on my end to make sure you are on the list, but this is the first i’ve heard of such a thing! thanks for the heads up! :) xo *s

    2. chel-
      just double checked... you are on the list and should have received your newsletter! :) thanks! *s

  2. Replies
    1. hi karen!
      thanks for letting me know! i’ll double check on my end, but it’d be helpful to have your email to be sure :) if you want to go ahead and sign-up again, i’ll be sure to have it on the list. (it won’t sign you up twice... ) also, i don’t send very often as i know we all have very full in-boxes... usually about 4x a year or if there’s a class starting... thanks, karen! :) xo *s

  3. signed up and ready to start!

    thanks Sarah!

    Denita Purser

    1. hi denita!
      yay! thanks so much for saying hello and signing up! looking forward to painting with you again this summer! :) xo *s


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