Friday, May 9, 2014

this week was

here's what my week looked like - 
IN / ON / OUT !

I keep getting new ideas to add to my upcoming workshop when I should be doing other things... ! SO excited flr {color pattern paint}
IN the studio this week quite a bit. paint stained hands and creative juices flowing!
hurrah! thanks, every day in may!
(will recap in more detail next week)!
today was a good day. clean house, painting time, napping children (at the same time!!!), yummy Indian dinner, walk through the meadow (pushing 40 lbs and carrying 11), and early to bed for all.  AND ive even kept up with #everydayinmay ! i just have to c
clean house, fresh flowers ON the table, sleeping baby
(bonus: the table is not covered in other stuff as it usually is)
weekend wanderings #latergram #100daysofhappy @mollyhatch wearing c's shoes & dress!
OUT: we feel so lucky to have this amazing scene as our "backyard"
more stripes. more pink. snug little bug in my @sollybabywrap which we both love. more spring!
IN her wrap. a walk OUTside, lots of pink petals found ON the ground
lucy loves being in this wrap. 
i was inspired by the colors + patterns i found when we were 
out and about this week. pink and gray and stripes? yes please!

*happy friday*
xo, s

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  1. Sounds like a busy but lovely week, and yes please from me too for pink and grey and stripes!!


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