Wednesday, May 28, 2014

four years / 3 months

this kid.  celebrating/sniffling about the fact that she just has two more days of being three.  and it's totally past her bedtime but here we are testing out some shades and picking up cheese sticks and raisins. #parenthood
as of yesterday!
top: a "late" night out at target trying on some shades while picking up school snack
bottom: some of the little decorations we had around (and still have) to celebrate ada's birthday

ada turned 4 last week! what?! how did this happen? we threw a pretty fun party for her little pals complete with a butterfly pinata AND a butterfly cake. the butterfly theme, as you may have guessed, was her request, and this year it was really fun to have her help me make the cake! for favors, in an effort to not give out toys/candy/plastic stuff you don't really need, all the kiddos got colorful butterfly nets. ada used hers this weekend to catch some tadpoles AND a frog... she even *almost* caught a butterfly!

butterfly cake by mama/grammy/ada
our collaborative cake!
our favorite part of ada's party was when we walked over to campus to see the Smith College Illumination Night - when the whole campus is magically lit up with japanese paper lanterns as part of their graduation celebration- but as far as ada knows, it's for her birthday as we've done it every year. once we made it through the crowds with our pajama clad toddlers (and babies) in tow, we let the kids run around the green in the darkness. we could only identify them by their glow-in-the-dark bracelets and necklaces as they ran screeching with joy. it was SO fun... in fact, when asked about her birthday, she told everyone about getting to wear her pajamas to campus- that was her favorite part, and mine too!

this baby.  every morning her big sister wakes us up by asking to hold her. she's "talking" and smiling all the time. we are finally falling into a bit of a daily rhythm. there's more sleep and less spit-up. we made it to three months, Lucy!
just look at those cheeks!
as for little lucy, well, she's been a trooper- participating in all of the activities by snoozing away in her wrap! when she's not sleeping these days, she's happily wide awake looking all around and taking in her surroundings. she's been smiling, laughing, and "talking" up a storm too. i'm liking this 3 month mark! 

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