Tuesday, June 10, 2014

sneak peek!!!

it's here! a little sneak peek of my class! we had a lot of fun putting it together! the only challenge was finding a time when there wasn't a babbling and/or fussy baby in the background... but that's what i get for working from home! what you don't see is A LOT of footage of ada wandering through the studio... ya know, just "passing by" as she claimed! then she finally admitted: "i want your students to know you have a child". ahem. so, she got her cameo at the end AND got to be the one to say "action". ha! whatever works is my motto these days! 
i hope you'll enjoy watching a little peek into what the class will be like! 
i'm SO excited! xo, *s
ps: if you are a returning online student (you've taken p&p or ppw part 1) there is a super discount code! just email me at colorpatternpaint AT gmail.com in case you need the code! thanks! 


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