Thursday, May 29, 2014

my sister's sea salt!

check out my sister's new business - atlantic saltworks! my big sister heather has been one of the biggest cheerleaders in my career, and i am SO proud of her for following her passion to be her own boss! she and her college friend alison have started an amazing saltworks and it has taken off! you can read all about their venture here, but i want to also tell you my side of the story. 

heather moved out to colorado from massachusetts when i when i was in college, just as we were getting to be quite close as "grown ups" (ha!), when we were both out of the house and off at college. we were at the same school - i was a freshman when she was a senior - and it was so comforting being able to escape the dorm life to hang out at her apartment. i felt really lucky to have my big sister close by that year! i was really sad when she moved far across the country, and it was tough not seeing her more than once or twice a year for many years, but i'm happy i can say we see her much more now! lucky for us, she moved back to new england just after ada was born, as she decided that it was time to be closer to our family. we are SO happy, because she is hands down, the best aunt EVAH! and yes that's said with a boston accent since she lives just north of the city, but better yet, she lives right near our favorite beach! we try to visit as often as we possible can, because ada just LOVES the beach... it truly is a magical one! 

the bubble man! making giant magic beach bubbles! 
it was actually on that very beach day last summer when heather asked to borrow my empty water bottle to collect some salt for an "experiment" she and her friend alison were doing... i was paying more attention to ada running down the beach at the time then to what the "experiment" was, but let's just say that little experiment worked, and that's how Atlantic Saltworks was born! 

my favorite quick working lunch: akmak crackers topped with avocado & flakey sea salt. delish!!!  @atlanticsaltworks (my sister's new company!!!) #100daysofhappy
i like it sprinkled on a perfectly ripe avocado best! 

i'm just so proud of my big sister and can't wait to see where their salt will take them... they are on kickstarter right now to help fund a larger production facility so that they are able to support the current and future demand for their products - restaurants and shops are scooping it up! 

and you can too!!! head on over and show them some love! (a little sister thanks you!) 


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