Thursday, June 11, 2009

5 + more

5 things about summer
my birthday (32) & our anniversary (3!) 
longer days & warmer nights
early mornings
sandy toes & salty hair
bluebirds & clotheslines 
lazy afternoons & good books
fireworks & hot air balloon rides 
outdoor suppers & showers
clotheslines & corn on the cob 
pick your own strawberries, warmed by the sun
farm stand fresh vegetables from right down the road
fireflies & june bugs 
screen doors & window fans
salty air & crashing waves
road trips & rock collecting
flea markets & lobster dinners
walks on our beach & through green woods 

favorite summertime memories & 
many more to make.  

looking forward to these things on this rainy june day.  
what are your favorite things about summer?  i'd love to hear your list! 
see you tomorrow. *s


  1. my fave things about the summer are the sun, being warm, a warm breeze, sunny day sand not being cold - do you see a theme? ;)

    hey beauty, i nominated you for an award on my blog - it's cheesy i know, but heart-felt :)

  2. I really like your summer painting, very summery feeling.

    I love being warm, smelling the summer evening, Christmas, New Years BBQ, ice blocks.

  3. Beautiful list and painting, Sarah! :) I like ... the sounds and smells of summer, cool, quiet summer mornings, picnic dinners, fresh fruit, summer night skies + sitting under the stars, reading in the park or by the pool ... etc. :)

  4. I love everything on your list Sarah, especially the salt air in the evening. I love lying on the beach listening to the waves, building drippy castles, going to the Cape, summer arts festivals, Dairy Queen, and collecting treasures at the beach.
    Happy Summer--now it just needs to get warmer : )

  5. you lucky thing...i WISH it was Summer here, but it's winter in my part of the world, and a very cold one at that. I am not liking it ONE bit. My favourite things about Summer are thunderstorms, BBQs at the beach, Aussie Christmases, prawn cocktails, and eating out by the water on a hot night.

    Sarah, you inspire me SOOO much! I just wanted to let you know that, too :)

    Karen xx

  6. my five favorite things include, longer days, vacations, cocktails around the pool, reading the newspaper and having coffee outside in the morning, and, that summer leads to fall, which is my favorite season.

    happy weekend!

  7. jen b:
    oh my god! you took the words right out of my mouth! i just wrote about drippy sandcastles and going to the DQ as my best memories of summer on the cape! you gave me goosebumps!

  8. karen- thank you soo much! you are very sweet! i'm touched that i am inspiring you! thanks for taking the time to say hello and i'd love to share a prawn cocktail with you sometime!!! xo*s


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