Monday, June 15, 2009

so glad i spotted this


just wanted to share this.... still waiting to spill the beans too, so hopefully that'll happen tomorrow.   
don't you love this quote that i randomly found a wall!?  


  1. I wish I had this saying when I was a little girl and that my mother saw the talent I had, maybe I'd be in a different place. I guess now that I'm in charge of my destiny, I should try and be that artist I ALWAYS wanted to be.
    Thanks for the reminder, Sarah!!
    Smiles and Hugs,
    ~Jill from N.H.

  2. I used this saying as a theme for my daughter's art b-day party one year. How wonderful to stumble across this!

  3. i love that i totally stumbled across this too!

    jill- go for it!!!

    karen! what a small world! i'm heading your way....

  4. I love your work and that's always been one of my favorite quotes, how cool that you found it on a wall just waiting to be photographed! See you in the fish bowl :)


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