Friday, March 12, 2010

on the table

little bits of green

good morning! it's a quiet friday morning here... a welcome bit of calm at the end of a very hectic and busy week... i awoke early & took some time to read a bit in bed with my coffee... a little luxury that i'm allowing myself on friday mornings lately. ( it is even more luxurious because my husband delivers the coffee to me before he heads out the door for work so i don't even have to get out of bed! i'm a lucky girl, i know! )

here's the second installment of my "on the table" for this quiet friday morning. i love the little pops of green that emerge in this messy scene from the studio table... those little bits of green remind me that spring is on it's way for sure!

today }
some loose ends to wrap up before another bigger project begins in full force over the weekend

(ugh) taxes will be tackled & organized... (ugh again)

a quick walk to the bakery between the raindrops for wood fired soft pretzels, a fresh loaf of bread and perhaps a giant cookie (sustenance for the taxes!)

later tonight, out on the town for a birthday celebration for our good friend

happy friday to you friends and thanks for being here!
see you next week! xo *s


  1. Happy Friday to you, too. Good luck on the taxes!!!
    I love your "on the table" photo. It is always nice to see paint splotches!

  2. love this capture ~ wanting to get messy with some paint this weekend.

    take care and good luck on the taxes!


    ps. so happy to know I'll be seeing you at squam in october!

  3. Sarah-I totally live vicariously through you-hope that's okay! :)Beth
    Have a wonderful Friday.

  4. happy friday to you too, Sarah and thank YOU for being here!!
    good luck with your taxes and i say go for the big cookie!! love your color selection.
    xo and smiles~
    jill from n.h. (ha,ha,ha)

  5. Your photos makes me want to get out all my paints and play this weekend! Sadly, I will be sewing and not painting ... but there's always another day :)

    wood fired soft pretzels - I don't think it gets any better than that - so jealous!

  6. Coffee in bed sounds wonderful! My treat to myself this Friday morning was a run (more like half-assed running mixed with "oh, shit! a gofer hole!" followed by an ungraceful fall, but that's okay) with the dog before the sun was up. Just beautiful! I am really really excited to see what you've been working on. I love your work (I've had you as a contact on Flickr for a while and just found your blog--I can be a bit slow hehe) so much.

  7. Sarah, I love the fabulously vivid colors of the photo of your paints in your recent post! So fun & inspirational! I read about you in Artful Blogging, and now that I have my own blog, I finally have the courage to leave you a comment. I love your work!

  8. Great picture. Your work makes me happy.


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