Wednesday, March 10, 2010

salty sea air

my jetty

geese flying by

warm sun

was just what i needed!

i know! it's wednesday, not tuesday... forgive me, the sunshine and salt air got to my head. my mom and i had a great few days away on the cape. perfect warm weather, morning walks on the beach, bright early spring sunshine, visits with family (one very late night staying up all together watching the oscars) & and some shopping! (fun, fun!) do you remember what the beach looked like the last time we were down?!

the ocean break was just what i needed, but now i've returned to another busy work week...

see you on friday morning...
xo *s


  1. Ooooooh, THE BEACH! Gorgeous shots. So glad you had a lovely time!

  2. i love the beach, i miss the vicariously through your beach blogpost! :)

  3. Hi Sarah-
    Ahhh! Lovely photos of "our beach!"
    It looks just the same, I might add.

    Glad you and Sally had such a nice time. Hope all is well.

    Xoxoo Liz

  4. beautiful photos!
    I want to be there
    right now
    in the rain
    with a big mug of tea and fingerless gloves
    and a hat pulled down low
    but not so low I cannot hear the waves

    thank you for the minivacation though your images Sarah!

    sweetness, march is marching on, shall we pick a day to meet and just do it? what are your weekends looking like? any day particularly good?


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