Tuesday, September 28, 2010

{8 things}

sophie, ada and me

okay, so i seem to avoid blogging when i have too much to say. does that make sense?! probably not, but it's what i did last week. i returned from squam with SO much to say that i just felt overwhelmed and didn't say anything at all. silly me.

i'll get there this week, i promise, but let's just say for today that it was a fantastic time. having ada in tow with my mom made it really great, only a wee bit tricky here and there. grammy sally and ada b made lots of new friends as they strollered around while i was teaching, and i believe that ada was the second most photographed thing after the lake. so we coined a new term: babyrazzi. * to any of the people who were taking pictures~ i'd love it if you would like to share a picture or two that you captured of ada at squam! thanks! : )

{8 t h i n g s}
i did instead of blogging
last week:

brought ada to her 4-month check-up. (shots. yuck.) then, i did a lot of squam laundry. everything smelled like wood smoke from our fireplace. we had a smokey fire the first night which turned into a big old smoke fest with alarms and all. we ended up having to open the doors instead of getting warm. thank goodness for space heaters. well, i should really say space heater, because when they gave us another we blew a fuse. adventures.

vacuumed my house. this was WAY overdue. ada slept durning the whole thing. it's true you can vacuum around a sleeping baby. what a fun fact! and yes, it took most of my day.

gave ada a bath in her tub. yes, she's had a bath before, but this day marked the first bath where she didn't scream through the entire thing. no arching out or giving me the evil eye either. oh, and neither of us were in tears this time by the end of it all. we even had fun! she smiled and chatted and played... although not evident from this shot, it's true. hooray!

my sister came from colorado to met ada for the first time. we've been having lots of fun with auntie heather! my sister is going through some big and brave life changes and we are so proud of her! she recently quit her job, is moving back east, and just today, started an MBA program in boston. exciting things are afoot. yay for my sister!

heather, jesse and i went to see one of our most favorite guys... it was so fun to see him in person! i love him even more. our bets that he would be wearing jeans, cowboy boots and an untucked white button down shirt were spot on. i'll upload a pic when i can to prove it.


* ada and i went for lots of long stroller walks each day

*i dropped my camera and broke it. yup. (hence, no pictures from squam to share yet, but i'm working on getting them off of the memory card... )

*on those walks i came up with about 62 blog posts in my head that i never had the time to sit down and write.

as i promised my squam students, i will be a better blogger. so with that, i'll see you tomorrow!

xo *s

ps: i wrote this on monday afternoon, got ready to post, and then was sidetracked... so here it is on tuesday am! ah! more soon...


  1. love the recap of the week. bummer about the camera. that really stinks :( xoxo

  2. I love this week's 8 things just about the best. Honesty and quite funny too. Love to get a peak into your week too.
    I'm still working on my blog post from saw but i got a lot done tonight....
    miss you! need to hang out soon!

  3. glad to know i am not alone in getting my life organize and in a routine after squam. your class was a delight! thanks again!

  4. sounds like life is back to normal :)

    my daughter HATED baths when we first got her (we adopted her at 23 months) and she even screamed and tinkled on my poor husband who had gotten in the bath to help her. (Is that TMI?) Oddly enough, we took her to the swimming pool and after that, she loved water!

    So good to know other moms have days like i do!

    and yes, we are all patiently awaiting your blog posts♥

    xo Lisa

  5. lisa-thanks! makes me feel better! fingers crossed the next bath goes well... poor thing, i had been totally avoiding bath time!
    yes, things are getting back to normal... slowly. : ) xo

  6. Glad to see you and Ada are doing well, Sarah! And looking forward to seeing the Anthony Bourdain pic - I'm a big fan, too! :)


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